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Magnetic moment precessing in a magnetic field. Atoms are often described as two-level systems, and their dynamics is identical to a magnetic moment driven by time-dependent magnetic fields. Courtesy of Prof.

Advanced Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics

This third year core module covers the quantum theory of atoms and atomic spectra, and also the basic principles of lasers. PHY covers the quantum theory of simple atoms and atomic spectra, and also the basic principles of lasers. The first part of the course covers the physics of atoms and atomic spectra, beginning with hydrogen and then moving on to multi-electron atoms. The second part gives an introduction to laser physics, with emphasis on the basic principles of amplification by stimulated emission. Past exam papers may be downloaded from here.

General Information. Lecture Schedule. Problem Sets. Final Project. Instructor: Prof. Ivan Deutsch. Problem sets will be distributed approximately every other a week and due in class Wednesdays.

This course will be your ideal preparation to enter the broad field of atomic, molecular and optical physics. It is advised to take this course before starting a master's thesis in one of the many research groups working on these topics in Heidelberg. We will put a lot of emphasis on modern topics, such that at the end of the course you will be able to understand current research publications, and judge for yourself which topics you will find most exciting. All lecture notes are uploaded as pdf files. For comments, suggestions and even edits they are also available under the following links:.

Atomic and Optical Physics I

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Divided into three parts, the first provides a historical perspective leading to the contemporary view of atomic and molecular physics, outlining the principles of non-relativistic quantum mechanics. The program in atomic physics involves work with simple atomic and molecular systems in the gas phase, at surfaces, and in solids. Harald Friedrich. Explanation are given for understanding. Smirnov bei hugendubel.

The Fundamentals of Atomic and Molecular Physics

This book aims to present a unified account of the physics of atoms and molecules from a modern viewpoint. It is based on courses given by the authors at Middle East Technical University, Ankara and Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, and is suitable for study at third and fourth year levels of an undergraduate course. Students should be able to read this volume and understand its contents without the need to supplement it by referring to more detailed discussions. The whole subject covered in this volume is expected to be finished in one semester. The following sections are included: Preface Contents.

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Atomic, molecular, and optical physics AMO is the study of matter -matter and light -matter interactions; at the scale of one or a few atoms [1] and energy scales around several electron volts. AMO theory includes classical , semi-classical and quantum treatments. Typically, the theory and applications of emission , absorption , scattering of electromagnetic radiation light from excited atoms and molecules , analysis of spectroscopy, generation of lasers and masers , and the optical properties of matter in general, fall into these categories. Atomic physics is the subfield of AMO that studies atoms as an isolated system of electrons and an atomic nucleus , while molecular physics is the study of the physical properties of molecules.

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Skip to content. All Homes Search Contact. Radiative Transitions, Springer, Berlin, B. In , around students were enrolled. Week 1. As the students progress through the book, their ability to use these tools will steadily increase, along with their confidence in their efficacy.

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