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Ingeborg H.

Soils contain various iron compounds that differ in solubility, reducibility and extractability. Moreover, the contribution of the various iron compounds to total iron Fe and total Fe concentrations differs highly among soils. As a result, the total reducible Fe content can also differ among soils, and so does the dynamics of iron reduction. These factors complicate the prediction of reducible Fe based on Fe extraction data and hamper the application of process-based models for reduced or waterlogged soils where redox processes play a key-role.


The assessment of forest productivity at early stages of stand development may help to define the most appropriate silviculture treatment to be applied for each stand. Site index dominant height at a reference age is a useful tool for forest productivity estimation. The aim of this study was to develop a model to predict site index for Scots pine Pinus sylvestris L. To meet this objective, data from 35 stands classified into three different site quality classes and 63 soil, climatic and physiographic parameters were examined in order to develop a discriminant model. After selecting 12 discriminant models which were biologically consistent and presented the higher cross-validated rate of correct classification, a model including four parameters latitude, inorganic Al, porosity and microbial biomass carbon as predictors was chosen.

Organic amendments from animal production are commonly used for promoting soil fertility, and their impacts on the residual soil organic carbon SOC are of both agricultural and environmental interest. Iron Fe in the form of oxyhydr oxides has been proposed to play a critical role in long-term SOC preservation by forming Fe-organic associations, though currently a comprehensive understanding of how these Fe-organic associations are regulated by long-term organic amendments is limited. Here, we synthesize information to link Fe oxyhydr oxides, SOC sequestration, and long-term organic inputs from both field and laboratory studies. The results show that vigorous Fe mobilization can be regulated by long-term application of organic amendments, and these organically amended soils contained significantly higher concentrations of poorly crystalline Fe that was closely related to SOC storage in both upland and paddy soils. Potential mechanisms are proposed as follows: 1 DOM from the organically amended soils is more likely to co-precipitate with poorly crystalline Fe, and DOM from the inorganically fertilized soils is to a larger extent adsorbed on poorly crystalline Fe. Organic acids in root exudates increased soil mineral availability and the formation of poorly crystalline minerals.

Prediction of reducible soil iron content from iron extraction data

Box , Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; gro. Aluminum Al toxicity is one of the major limitations that inhibit plant growth and development in acidic soils. This review updates the existing knowledge concerning the role of mineral nutrition for alleviating Al toxicity in plants to acid soils. Here, we explored phosphorus P is more beneficial in plants under P-deficient, and Al toxic conditions. Exogenous P addition increased root respiration, plant growth, chlorophyll content, and dry matter yield.

Metrics details. Soil acidity and low availability of P are among the major problems limiting crop production in the highlands of Ethiopia. The current study was conducted to evaluate the distribution of chemical P forms and selected physical and chemical properties of soils in Cheha and Dinsho districts, southern highlands of Ethiopia. Analysis of available P and oxalate extractable P, Al and Fe, and P fractionation were done following standard procedures. The pH of soils in the study area ranged from 4. In the study area the Mehlich-3 extractable P ranged from 8. The studied soils had a total P content that ranged from medium to very high.

Strongly leached soils occurring in Northwest Iberia contain high concentration of Al which may affect crop growth. Information regarding the extractability of Al and lime required to eliminate toxic Al species in the soil solution is scarce. These values were positively correlated with cation exchange capacity and organic C, clay, Alo and Feo contents. Application of low amounts of lime may prevent the negative effects of soluble Al on crops.

Iron oxides dynamics in a subtropical Brazilian Paleudult under long-term no-tillage management. Replacing conventional tillage CT with no-tillage NT management alters the pedoenvironment and the rate of topsoil processes, with possible effects on dissolution processes associated with iron oxides and therefore soil mineralogy. This study aimed to determine the effect of NT on the content and distribution of types of iron oxides in a Rhodic Paleudult in southern Brazil.

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Forms and pedogenetic distribution of extractable iron and aluminum in J.E. Brydon, N.M. MilesDifferentiation of forms of extractable Fe and Al in soils. Soil Sci.

1 Introduction

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