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In spite of its subjective nature, most pain is associated with tissue damage and has a physiological basis. Not all tissues, however, are sensitive to the same type of injury. For example, although skin is sensitive to burning and cutting, the visceral organs can be cut without generating pain.

Anatomy and Physiology of Pain

NCBI Bookshelf. Pain is a subjective experience with two complementary aspects: one is a localized sensation in a particular body part; the other is an unpleasant quality of varying severity commonly associated with behaviors directed at relieving or terminating the experience. Pain has much in common with other sensory modalities National Academy of Sciences, First, there are specific pain receptors. These are nerve endings, present in most body tissues, that only respond to damaging or potentially damaging stimuli. Second, the messages initiated by these noxious stimuli are transmitted by specific, identified nerves to the spinal cord.

Physiology of pain

Textbook of Tinnitus pp Cite as. Pain has many forms, and the perception of pain is affected by many factors including actual circumstances expectation, stress, and the emotional state of the person. Pain may be divided into two large groups: pain that is caused by direct stimulation physical or chemical of specific receptors nociceptors and pain that is not caused by stimulation of nociceptors. There is also a third kind of pain in which activation of neural plasticity plays an important role. Stimulation of nociceptors that are located in the skin, the cornea, tooth pulp, muscles, joints, peripheral nerves, the respiratory system, and viscera causes acute pain that has both a fast and a slow component.

The scrotum is a pigmented external sac of skin and muscle that physically protects and facilitates temperature regulation of the testes to ensure optimal spermatogenesis. It is formed from fusion of the left and right labioscrotal folds, and has a septum that separates the two halves Figure 1. The layers of the scrotum are continuation of the abdominal wall layers Table 1. The testis, epididymis, and spermatic cord are housed within the scrotum. Other than being attached to the base of the scrotum by the gubernaculum to prevent torsion, the testes are free to move around.

Many nurses have a poor understanding of pain and its management, which can result in failure to treat pain effectively. This section outlines the basic anatomy and physiology of pain. Acute pain is a physiological response that warns us of danger. The process of nociception describes the normal processing of pain and the responses to noxious stimuli that are damaging or potentially damaging to normal tissue. There are four basic processes involved in nociception McCaffery and Pasero, These are;.

Pain Pathways

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A complex set of pathways transmits pain messages from the periphery to the central nervous system, where control occurs from higher centres. Primary afferent.

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    Pain is a somatic and emotional sensation which is unpleasant in nature and associated with actual or potential tissue damage.

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