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Final report on the financial, physical and process audit of the Nigeria oil and gas industry: An independent report assessing and reconciling physical and financial flows within Nigeria's oil and gas industry - Skip to main content. Please enable JavaScript for full use of this site.

Chevron is one of the largest oil producers in Nigeria and one of its largest investors. Chevron also has extensive interests in multipartner deepwater operations. We also have a nonoperated interest in the Usan Field.

​History of the Nigerian Petroleum Industry

The petroleum industry is the backbone of the Nigerian economy. Nigeria is the sixth largest producer of crude oil in the world. Its oil industry generates over 95 per cent of the country's foreign revenue, and about 80 per cent of government revenue. The oil industry alone creates over 65, direct jobs in Nigeria, and more than , jobs in non-direct employment. Most of the exploration and production of crude oil is concentrated in the Niger Delta. In order to promote social dialogue in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria, social partners share the responsibility of ensuring that good industrial relations, unity and productivity reign in the oil sector.

2015 Nigeria Oil and Gas Report

Akpan, S. Natural gas is associated gas produced from underground accumulations and consists largely of methane CH4 and other light hydrocarbons. It has been used commercially as a fuel for centuries in America and China. According to USEIA, improved technology such as horizontal drilling allows economic production of resources in deep water and unconventional resources. Horizontal drilling is found to be the fast method used to produce natural gas from geologic formations. Due to the variety of natural gas constituents, it finds wide application either as an energy source or as feedstock to the chemical and petrochemical industries. Literature shows that vast amount of these gas are being used by few of our chemical industries.

Official websites use. Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites. This is a best prospect industry sector for this country. Includes a market overview and trade data. Unit: USD thousands.

Idachaba, Francis Enejo. The oil and gas production process is driven by technology. The impact technology plays in the process is such that the oil and gas industry ranks as one of the largest employers of PhDs and also one of the largest investors in Research and Development activities. These have resulted in the industry being also one of the industries with the largest number of expatriates. Countries with large oil and gas deposits have oftentimes relied on International Oil and Gas companies for the exploration of their deposits with the hope that the knowledge and technology will be transferred over time. This has not been the experience in a number of these countries and has caused them to develop deliberate programs and local content development policies to encourage and engage the local populace in the oil and gas production process. For the local content policies to be maximized, local companies must invest in research and development efforts to create value and develop relevant technology as this is the only way they can maximize the oil and gas related contracts.

Petroleum industry in Nigeria

Maikanti Kachalla Baru is an indigene of Bauchi State. He left this position in and was appointed as the Managing Director Hyson Nigeria Ltd and under his stewardship; Hyson was introduced into the domestic LPG business and grew rapidly raking in N24m in , Nm in and Nm in From to , Dr. K Baru was the Group General Manager, Greenfield Refinery Projects Division where he was tasked with ensuring the smooth execution of the feasibility study, design, construction and operation of new refineries in Nigeria.

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Petroleum industry in Nigeria

2015 Nigeria Oil and Gas Report

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Petroleum industry in Nigeria

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