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The aim of this programme is to prepare graduates to work in agri-food systems and sustainable rural development with specific focus on developing countries and tropical areas. The programme is based on the interdisciplinary approach focused on food production systems in tropics, food processing and use of suitable agricultural technologies based on renewable energy resources.

Urbanization and its implications for food and farming

To feed the growing world population, food production must increase by an expected 70 percent. Satellite Earth Observation EO is a powerful technique for continuously assessing the status of agricultural production on a wide range of spatial and temporal scales. Organisations concerned with food security require timely information on predicted and actual crop production figures at different stages in time, to assess for example the market situation or act upon food scarcity events. To enhance global food security it is essential to increase food production through the use of irrigation. Satellite Earth Observation is a powerful technique for continuously assessing the status and changes of environmental conditions and ecosystem functions on a wide range of spatial and temporal scale. It provides long-term global data and can rapidly reveal where change has happened in a consistent and repeatable manner.

This paper discusses the influences on food and farming of an increasingly urbanized world and a declining ratio of food producers to food consumers. Urbanization has been underpinned by the rapid growth in the world economy and in the proportion of gross world product and of workers in industrial and service enterprises. Globally, agriculture has met the demands from this rapidly growing urban population, including food that is more energy-, land-, water- and greenhouse gas emission-intensive. But hundreds of millions of urban dwellers suffer under-nutrition. So the key issues with regard to agriculture and urbanization are whether the growing and changing demands for agricultural products from growing urban populations can be sustained while at the same time underpinning agricultural prosperity and reducing rural and urban poverty. To this are added the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to build resilience in agriculture and urban development to climate change impacts. The paper gives particular attention to low- and middle-income nations since these have more than three-quarters of the world's urban population and most of its largest cities and these include nations where issues of food security are most pressing.

Urbanization Issues Affecting Food System Sustainability

Designing Urban Food Policies pp Cite as. This chapter identifies urbanization issues affecting food system sustainability. Since the nineteenth century and the onset of industrialization, cities have been both the product and motor of food systems, which are expanding worldwide despite the impression that they are nonsustainable. Since both the problems and resources are concentrated in cities, the latter are also a source of innovation, which can in turn help enhance the sustainability of food systems. First the city is a concentration of human beings, a space or habitat with a highly dense population, thus limiting areas for extensive agricultural production.

Food security

Rural women, the majority of whom depend on natural resources and agriculture for their livelihoods, [1] make up over a quarter of the total world population. Training equips them with skills to pursue new livelihoods and adapt technology to their needs. This year, UN partners and high-level political representatives are teaming up to consider what essential steps could be taken to more fully recognize the contributions and role of rural women, especially small-holder farmers, in the post development agenda. A roundtable discussion to address the questions of whether agricultural markets will empower rural women will be held at UN Headquarters on 15 October, from 1. Watch an archived version of the webcast here:.

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Metrics details. Unhealthy foods and tobacco remain the leading causes of non-communicable disease NCDs. These are key agricultural commodities for many countries, and NCD prevention policy needs to consider how to influence production towards healthier options. There has been little scholarship to bridge the agriculture with the public health literature that seeks to address the supply of healthy commodities.

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