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First fossil larvae of Berothidae Neuroptera from Baltic amber, with notes on the biology and termitophily of the family.

It is important to say that amber is much studied but still not fully understood. The problems begin with the names by which the material is known: amber, Baltic amber, fossil resin, succinite, and resinite. Although all these terms have been used to describe the material discussed in this catalogue, they have confused as much as they have clarified.

A new proposal concerning the botanical origin of Baltic amber

The Baltic region is home to the largest known deposit of amber , called Baltic amber or succinite. It dates from 44 million years ago during the Eocene epoch. It is a major source of income for the region; the local Kaliningrad Amber Combine extracted tonnes of it in , [3] tonnes in Bitterfeld amber was previously believed to be only 20—22 million years old Miocene , but a comparison of the animal inclusions in suggested that it was possibly Baltic amber that was redeposited in a Miocene deposit. In situ Baltic amber is derived from the sediments of the geological formation termed the Prussian Formation , formerly called the "Amber Formation", with the main amber bearing horizon being referred to as "Blue Earth", so named its glauconite content. The formation is exposed in the northern part of the Sambia Peninsula in Kaliningrad. Much of the Baltic amber has been secondarily redeposited in Pleistocene glacial till deposits across the North European Plain.

A twig of a cypress plant preserved for ca. Cross-sections of the whole plant showed an almost intact tissue of the entire stem and leaves, revealing, to our knowledge, the oldest and most highly preserved tissue from an amber inclusion reported so far. The preparations are based on a new technique of internal imbedding, whereby the hollow spaces within the inclusion are filled with synthetic resin which stabilizes the cellular structures during the sectioning procedure. Cytological stains applied to the sections reacted with cell walls and nuclei. A strong green auto-fluorescence of the cuticle and the resin canals in the leaves was observed. Transmission electron micrographs revealed highly preserved fine structures of cell walls, membranes and organelles.

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Atlas of Plants and Animals in Baltic Amber

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What Is Amber?

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    PDF | This atlas opens a window onto the world of Baltic amber and the Eocene amber forests. About typical plants and animals are.

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    Baltic amber constitutes the largest known deposit of fossil plant resin and the richest repository of fossil insects of any age.

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