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See below for the list of sectors, with sample titles from each one. Each Industry Research Analysis report provides See the Alert section red text in our database description for details.

In-depth market and industry research report database with global coverage of various high-technology sectors. We recommend that you use the Advanced Search button. Here you can search by relevant key words, combine your key words and limit your search to a specific Industry, Publication Date, Region etc.

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See below for the list of sectors, with sample titles from each one. Each Industry Research Analysis report provides See the Alert section red text in our database description for details.

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Global Autonomous Driving Market Outlook, 2018 (Frost & Sullivan Report)

The meteoric rise in cloud contact center deployments has taken many by surprise. However, all that changed as companies saw the benefits of the cloud. Those benefits include: fast time to deployment, the ability to use OPEX rather than Capex funds, and the ability to rapidly scale up or down in agent seats or ports as business needs dictate. Cloud-based contact centers also enable companies to quickly add new channels of interaction, and to more easily integrate disparate applications. In an age when omnichannel customer care is a strategic imperative, the cloud has become a tool to get there. However, the growth in cloud contact centers has not been without challenges.

Source: Bridgestreet Hospitality Bleisure Report Transformational Shift No.​3: The Business & Leisure Convergence = “Bleisure”. Business travellers.

Global Autonomous Driving Market Outlook, 2018 (Frost & Sullivan Report)

Companies that supportvirtual workers see significant benefits, including lower facilities costs, betterbusiness continuity and employee productivity, higher retention and recruitmentrates, and the ability to respond quickly to new market opportunities. But even as companies become more dispersed, they need remote and mobileworkers to be able to communicate and collaborate—anytime, anywhere, and withanyone. The y also need to reach out to business partners, customers, and prospectsto support training, sales, and marketing efforts. The growing need for real-timecollaboration in the workplace is drawing more and more users to Web conferencing. Web conferencing technology lets participants meet online to sharedocuments, deliver presentations, ask questions, partake in sidebar chats, answerpolling questions, and share information in real time.

Market Research All Publishers. The COVID pandemic has further pushed boundaries for industries and organizations to rethink the possibilities of their workforce working from home while people themselves have sought to consider new remote working set-ups away from Read More. New evidence on the use of specific imaging techniques is influencing changes in the care standard.

The call center software industry is undergoing significant technological, economic and social changes. As companies diversify and grow their contact centers and add remote agents and outsourcers, they transform their contact centers from a single-sourced environment to one that is multi-sourced and multi-site in nature. Large enterprise contact center executives manage highly complex organizations that face tremendous internal challenges. In and into , we believe that consumers are more empowered and knowledgeable than ever before. Expectations for excellent customer service, sales knowledge, and technical support will continue to soar.

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It is headquartered in Mountain View, California , and has 40 offices on six continents. Sullivan and Lore A.

This report talks about the current size and segmentation of the fan market in India. It highlights the market growth till FY It gives product and price segmentations of the fan market in FY17 and FY Major drivers, restraints, trends, and market share analysis are also covered.

Managing the digital risks related to this data can no longer be delegated to a small set of IT professionals. Instead, business managers, risk officers, and boards need to understand how cyber resilience supports the ability to mitigate and remediate digital risks while accepting that adverse cyber incidents are inevitable. Cyber resilience is a new paradigm that requires a different way of thinking, and our report is designed to help those managers, executives, and board members understanding the impact of cyber resilience and how to achieve it. Cyber resilience is not about installing a discrete set of technical systems and our report describes how to build and orchestrate mutually reinforcing processes and tools. Organizations face major challenges in achieving cyber resilience such as engaging and collaborating to prioritize business risks, accepting wisely chosen trade-offs, and implementing process changes that will help to protect information assets.

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