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The Archangels and their Divine Responsibilities

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Euzebio Mtavangu. Mark Copeland. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. IntroductionThis paper makes an attempt to do a thorough study of the essence and implications of the Angels of God. One feels that this work is so wanting in these contemporary times to be a complementary work to some Literature that has been written by many theologians and philosophers worldwide.

This is because Angels are said to pray a very fundamental role in protecting human life against evil spirits. In order to realize accordingly the objectives of this work, the paper will follow the following pattern structure of presentation: First, there will be a definition of the term Angel. Secondly the paper will make a partial trace of the historical background of Angels. Thirdly, the paper will make a brief comparative analysis of the well being of Angels in the theological context of other religions like Islam apart from the Christian and Jewish Religions.

Fourthly, the author of this work will make an assessment of the form, organization, classification, functions and role of Angels as per different biblical scriptures. In so doing different scriptural references will be cited from the Bible in order to make the work be more canonical.

Lastly, the paper will give a conclusion regarding the lessons learned from this essay particularly on the importance of the well being of Angels in the life of an individual Christian and the church community as a whole in the world during these contemporary times.

Whether Angels are real or fictitiousModern materialists and rationalists deny the existence of Angels or try to explain them as mere personifications of divine attributes ,their adversaries contend that Angels exist as intellectual potencies, albeit beyond the comprehension of natural reason Longhurst Longuhurst ibid argues more on the issue by asserting that natural reason has not been able to prove the existence of Angels, the scientific and rational age has not provided the necessary answers to disprove them.

In fact, from the known sequence of stages regarding the perfections of creatures, a form of philosophical inquiry treating of metaphysical substances infers the existence of Angels with a high degree of probability. Though he is a creature, he is higher than man. Myers on the other hand alleges that the term Angel is used differently by the Hebrew and Greek.

To the Hebrew the word Angel is the same as the Hebrew word Malak which occurs one hundred and eight times in the Old Testament. Angellos which is a Greek word for an Angel occurs one hundred eighty-six times in the New Testament. But both words can be literally translated"Messenger". The angels are therefore God's messengers. They can enter God's Holy Presence, so they must be sinless being. We are not told how many Angels are, but we know they must be enormous number of them ref.

Hebrews ; Mathew Eszenyi argues that Angels are by divine confirmation the only creatures who never oppose the divine will; demons are never obedient, while humans are hindered by their Free Will ie. The word of God is usually incomprehensible for angels as much as for humans, yet Angels gain all knowledge and diligence through divine revelation of the divine teaches Angels everything that they later pass on to other creatures, with the intention of making them obedient to God by perfectly fulfilling the divine will, which equals their own.

In short, Angels lost the ability to choose between good and bad as a result of the divine confirmation, which is in a sharp contrast with their pre-fall state. They are content, however, as neither do they desire the freedom of choice anymore.

The Angels therefore as said by other authors in their literature on Angelology, were created good and endowed with free will, but the largest part of them intentionally chose to turn bad. As good Angels were confirmed in the goodness by divine grace after the fall of the Rebel Angels, so were rebel Angels, now called Demons, confirmed in their malicious nature. Contrary to their pre-fall state, their will is now limited to what is in accordance to with their predefined good or bad nature.

Both groups lost their ability to choose between good and bad, but good Angels largely profit from this loss by earning a place only second to God in the existential Hierarchy of Beings, due their inability to sin. Human occupy an in-between position between demons and Angels as Free Will hinders their ability to act upon the divine will.

According to Douglas et al the biblical references made about Angel show that the Angel is Lord himself adopting a visible form and therefore a human appearance for the sake of speaking with people.

The angel also expresses the Holy one's condescension to walk among sinners. He is also the executant of divine wrath. Origin of Angels of GodAs aforesaid the Angels are created beings. They are therefore not the Spirits of departed or glorified human beings. This contention is elaborated in Psalm In this scripture the Psalmist calls on all creatures in the celestial heavens, including the Angels to praise God.

The reason given is that because they were created Psalm In the contextual glimpses we get from this Psalm is that Angels and The Celestial Heavens are declared to be created by God. Also in Col. God created the whole universe through him and for him". Though the exact time of their creation is never stated, given their angelic role of being core messengers of God, one is likely to jump into the overgeneralization that they must have been created before the creation of the earth.

However the aforementioned generalization is proved to be true when one looks at the Book of Job According to Longhurst ibid many theologians argue that the existence of Angels is a purely metaphysical reality-that an angel is immaterial, without a physical body. That is why the traditional Eastern Orthodox term for Angel is asomata bodiless one. Angels are therefore personified in art and literature in anthropomorphical manner as the form of human being, living and breathing and acting in time, but this is only a metaphorical conception.

Theologians also concur that Angels are, according to nature, genderneutral. All in all, while all the Angels were originally created holy and without sin, there was a rebellion by Satan who being lifted up by his beauty rebelled and sought to exalt himself above God. In his rebellion, he took with him one third of the angels Rev. This rebellion and fall is described in Isaiah and Ezekiel And the Dragon and his Angels war.

This means there are good angels and there are evil Angels. The leader of these fallen angels, or demons as they are called is Lucifer or Satan. Islamic perception of AngelsIn the Islamic theological reflection the subject of Angels is not devoted an extensive attention.

However this scant reference to angels in the theological texts should not be taken to mean that angelology has no place among Islamic scholars.

As evidence that the idea of Angel was already known to the pre-Islamic community one can cite the fact that the Quran provides no definition of nature of Angels mala'ika. Angels are mentioned exclusively in relation to the various functions which Islam ascribes to them. Only a record dating back to Jesus era declares that Angels were created from light Quran ;;; Gaspar The function that Angels perform in relation to God ,to the Prophet and to the men are very reminiscent of those performed by counterparts in Jewish and Christian angelology, but in the simple dogmatic system of Islam they acquire greater importance.

This because Islam is a religion based entirely on prophecy, and Angels are "la condition pre'alable pour la croyance a' la prophe'tie et aux prophe'tes"-meaning the prerequisite for belief in prophecy and in prophets.

Belief in Angels is therefore necessarily one of the five fundamental articles of Islamic. In these references the Holy Quran says "Whoever believeth not on God and his Angels and his Books and his Apostles, and in the last day, he verily hath erred with far -gone error. I did not know that you were standing in the road to oppose me ;but now if you think it is wrong for me to go on, I will return home. That is to say, if God wants to employ them to do a certain work, he can cause his angels to appear as they did in 2 Kings ,as horses pulling chariots who came to rescue Prophet Elisha when he was surrounded by the soldiers of the King of Syria.

Also in Exodus 3. Moses saw that the bush was on fire but it was not burning up. I will go closer and see". In Hebrews we read, "In speaking of the Angels God says that he makes his Angels winds, his servants' flames of fire.

The same applies in Genesis Angels appeared as men to Abraham and gave him a message that his wife would conceive and bear a son. This scenario was as follows: The Lord appeared to Abraham at the sacred trees of Mamre.

As Abraham was sitting at the entrance his tent during the hottest part of the day, he looked up and saw three men standing there. As soon as he saw them he ran out to meet them. Bowing down with his head touching the ground, he said, Sirs please do not pass by my home without stopping; Iam here to serve you. Let me bring some water for you to wash your feet; you can rest here beneath this tree. I will also bring a bit of food; it will give you strength to continue your journey.

You have honoured me for coming to my home, so let me serve you. The scripture pertinent to this contention the scripture says "God did what Manoah asked, and his Angel came back to the woman while she was sitting in the fields.

Her husband Manoah was not with her. So she ran at once and said to him, "Look! The man who came to me the other day has come to me the other day has appeared to me again. He went to the man and asked, "Are you the man who was talking to my wife? Moreover in Genesis Jacob wrestled with the Angel who took the form of a man. This scripture goes like this,-That night Jacob got up, took his two wives ,his two concubines ,and his eleven children ,and crossed River Jabbok. After he had sent them across, he also sent across all that he owned, but he stayed behind alone.

Then a man came and wrestled with him until just before daybreak. When the man saw that he was not winning the struggle, he struck Jacob on the hip, and it was thrown out of the joint. Then the man said let me go, day light is coming.

The man said "Your name will no longer be Jacob. You have struggled with God and with men, and you have won; so your name will be Israel.

angels and their duties

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The Bible reveals two angelic names to us—Michael and Gabriel. It also talks about a third angel—Lucifer—who became Satan the devil. It appears, however, that all of the other angels have God. These are the 72 angels of God. Their names represent the 72 names of God Himself.

What are the categories of Angels (archangels, thrones, dominions, seraphim)?

These names refer to categories of angels, those pure spirits who adore God and serve as His messengers. Since the fourth century, nine choirs or types of angels were identified in the Bible and popularized in the Middle Ages by various theologians and writers, like St. Above Him stood the seraphim; each had six wings: With two He covered His face, and with two He covered his feet, and with two He flew. The whole earth is full of His glory.

Throughout time, millions of people have felt the grace and guidance of Angels. People in all walks of life have been helped, guided, saved or just confronted by their Guardian Angels and are more than eager to share their encounters with anyone willing to listen. Stories of encounters with these Celestial Beings have been around since the beginning of written history.

Names of angels and their duties pdf

Angels due to their low spiritual level cannot fight with even lower level ghosts and hence cannot protect us. The Bible seems to indicate that these beings were made in order to fill different responsibilities and tasks that had already been determined Ezekiel - … God gives them the most important responsibilities, and they do their work both in the heavenly dimension and in the earthly one. Archangels are the highest-ranking angels in heaven. It appears they engage in spiritual combat, as Scripture indicates Michael is known to do so. Some demons are currently bound in judgment 2 Peter ; Jude , while others operate in the world today. Hence they are not worthy of worship. Names of angels and their powers 1.

This post was contributed by a community member. The views expressed here are the author's own. Each one of us has a Heavenly Support Team which is made up of God, the Archangels, past spiritual masters highly spiritual beings who walked the Earth , spirit guides, and loved ones in spirit.

Angels are heavenly beings that are usually believed to be servants of God who can carry out his wish on Earth. There are different orders of angels that are called angelic choirs. There are three main types of angels, with angelic choirs within each larger type: first sphere, second sphere, and third sphere. Seraphim: Seraphs are angels that have six wings and In Christianity, this is the highest rank of angel. In Judaism, this is the 5th highest ranking angel.

In Christianity , angels are agents of God, based on angels in Judaism. During the Middle Ages , many schemes were proposed about the hierarchy of angels, some drawing on and expanding on Pseudo-Dionysius, others suggesting completely different classifications. According to medieval Christian theologians , the angels are organized into several orders, or "Angelic Choirs".

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