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Grief and depression share similar symptoms, but each is a distinct experience, and making the distinction is important for several reasons. With depression, getting a diagnosis and seeking treatment can be literally life-saving. At the same time, experiencing grief due to a significant loss is not only normal but can ultimately be very healing.

Download PDF. This Fast Fact will review the definitions and clinical features that distinguish these conditions. See Fast Facts 7, 32, and for further discussions of depression, grief, and complicated grief.

Distinguishing Symptoms of Grief and Depression in a Cohort of Advanced Cancer Patients

Grief is a natural response to loss. Often, the pain of loss can feel overwhelming. You may experience all kinds of difficult and unexpected emotions, from shock or anger to disbelief, guilt, and profound sadness. The pain of grief can also disrupt your physical health, making it difficult to sleep, eat, or even think straight. These are normal reactions to loss—and the more significant the loss, the more intense your grief will be.

Several studies have shown that the symptoms of grief are different from symptoms of depression among bereaved family members. This study is an attempt to replicate this finding among advanced cancer patients and examine clinical correlates of patient grief and depression. Analyses were conducted on data from interviews with advanced cancer patients. A factor analysis revealed that symptoms of patient grief formed a coherent factor that was distinct from a depression factor. Both depression and grief were significantly associated with mental health service use OR They have also shown that independent of symptoms of depression, severe and prolonged symptoms of grief are associated with mental and physical impairments such as an elevated risk of suicidal ideation and attempts, hypertension, cardiac events, functional impairments, hospitalization, adverse health behaviors, and reduced quality of life Horowitz et al. Prolonged grief can be distinguished from normal grief by the severity and duration of symptoms and the marked distress and disability with which symptoms of Prolonged Grief Disorder PGD , but not normal manifestations of grief, are associated Prigerson et al.

Is it Grief or Depression?

Dr Pies is the author of several books. A collection of his works can be found on Amazon. The DSM-5 will eliminate the bereavement exclusion in the diagnosis of major depressive disorder for 2 main reasons. As a specialist in the treatment of mood disorders for over 30 years, I was pleased to see National Public Radio covering this important development, 1 but I was disappointed that only one side of the debate was given prominent coverage. The new DSM-5 criteria will no longer pose the risk of shunting these patients out of the mental health treatment setting. To be sure, ordinary grief is not a disorder, and does not require professional treatment--nor should any arbitrary time limit be placed on grief, whether after the death of a loved one or any other tragic loss.

Language: English Spanish French. Marion E. People with this condition are caught up in rumination about the circumstances of the death, worry about its consequences, or excessive avoidance of reminders of the loss. Unable to comprehend the finality and consequences of the loss, they resort to excessive avoidance of reminders of the loss as they are tossed helplessly on waves of intense emotion. People with complicated grief need help, and clinicians need to know how to recognize the symptoms and how to provide help. This paper provides a framework to help clinicans understand bereavement, grief, and mourning. Evidence-based diagnostic criteria are provided to help clinicians recognize complicated grief, and differentiate it from depression as well as anxiety disorder.

The note suggests that responses to any significant loss may include symptoms resembling a depressive episode, and although they may be understandable or appropriate to the loss, the presence of a major depressive episode should be considered carefully. Table 1 provides information on differentiating normal bereavement from a major depressive episode. Waves or pangs of grief associated with thoughts or reminders of the deceased that are likely to spread further apart over time. Typically preserved, but if self-derogatory thoughts are present they usually involve perceived failings in relationship to the deceased e. Withdraws from others physically and emotionally and has difficulty being consoled.

Grief vs. Depression: Which Is It?

During the time of bereavement and throughout the grief process, a grieving person needs a lot of emotional support. You can read more in Grief and Bereavement. Family members, friends, support groups, community organizations, or mental health professionals therapists or counselors can all help. The grieving person must travel through the grief process, and should be allowed to move through it at their own pace.

Join NursingCenter to get uninterrupted access to this Article. Most grieving people integrate their loss over time, but some are more vulnerable to developing a depressive disorder during this difficult period. Unfortunately, the grieving person, friends and family, and even healthcare professionals may attribute signs and symptoms of depression to grief, thereby prolonging suffering because he doesn't get help for a treatable disorder. Through careful and systematic assessment, you can recognize early signs and symptoms of depression in the context of bereavement and help identify someone who needs additional help.

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