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Shop Subscribe Donate. Politics is a process by which a group of people, whose opinions or interests might be divergent, reach collective decisions that are generally regarded as binding on the group and enforced as common policy.

Constitutional Democracy

Throughout history, there have been many different countries and societies, and those populations could never function properly without a form of leadership. Government is important with running a country; no civilization has lasted without some kind of decree from leader s. The number of Governments that have existed at some point in time is big one, but today an absolute monarchy, a constitutional monarchy, a direct democracy, and an authoritarian Government will be highlighted.

Government is an important part of countries, and out of the many civilizations in the world there are many kinds of Government. Absolute Monarchy was a Government with a sovereign leader who came into power by marriage or offspring; they had complete control with no limitations from constitution or law.

They were considered the head of state and head of Government. Although it is very clear that Monarchs of Absolute Monarchies are free to do anything with their authority that they want, patterns in history have proved that to achieve true Absolute Monarchy, the support of others was necessary.

Monarchs were often influenced by or shared power with other interests. The church was incredibly influential, and some power was shared with the clergy because of their strong influence on the citizens. Nobility could play a role as well. If there was enough opposition on something the Monarch did, power could be reduced. There was no other power than him - meaning there were no legislative, judicial, or executive powers. No matter what he said, even if it was sentencing someone to death, it was final.

The Czars of Russia are another great example; until , the Czars had complete power over their subjects. The idea of Divine Right and the power of the Czars was so deeply relevant in their history and culture that it took a long time for absolutism to be abolished.

However, an Absolute Monarchy does not exist anymore, but the format of a Monarchy still remains. With a Constitutional Monarchy, an elected or hereditary Monarch is the head of state not a sole source of power. There is a also Government that works along with the Queen or King. A majority of Constitutional Monarchies have a parliamentary system where the Monarch is the head of state, but there is a Prime Minister as head of Government. To be clear - even though it is called a Limited Monarchy the Monarch still has power; they are the head of the executive branch.

Looking back into history, the first official Constitutional Monarchy were the Hittites - ancient Anatolian people alive amidst the Bronze Age. Their king or queen was required to apportion their power with the Panku, which was an assembly. This Panku could easily be compared to a legislature today. Different kinds of noble families made up this assembly. Direct Democracy is where the citizens are included in the decisions the Government makes, but the Government is still in charge.

Sometimes, this term can be used for electing representatives in a direct vote as opposed to voting for an electing body, Electoral College, etc. There are many forms of Direct Democracy, and most are based around the popular vote of a political decision. Mandatory Referendums are held only when a referendum vote is required by law, like constitutions.

Referendums of Government Authorities are where a president, cabinet, or legislature decides to take a popular vote on an issue. In history, the Athens were one of the first to use Direct Democracy.

Decisions were made by groups of around 1, male citizens. As history went on, Swiss towns and some town meetings in early American colonies and states used it. Early US states began to use systems where constitutions or constitutional amendments were officially valid by referendums.

Switzerland and many US states included direct democracy in their constitutions during the 19th century, and then Germany and a few others adopted it in World War 1. Modern Democracy our Direct Democracy today is said to have originated from the ideas of more political representation and voting rights - people wanted to be more involved in their Government.

Modern democracy was not developed from the idea of assembly democracy like the Athens, but that is a fundament in the scheme of things. Authoritarianism is a Government with strong central power and very few political freedoms. There is political pluralism in place for political groups, legislatures, political parties, etc, ensuring that all powerful controlling groups are on the same page. A fundamental acceptance of an authority the identification of the regime as a necessary evil to combat "easily recognizable societal problems".

Oppression and restraints on opposing political sides and Anti-Government sides. Executive power not completely defined, and often very unstable being whatever the leaders want at that time. They are similar, but differences like the aggression Dictatorships hold towards opposing side and political crackdowns which in the past can be by sending opposing people to labour camps, or even killing them separates them.

There are many kinds of Government, and they all differ. These Governments have all developed overtime, and some are older than the others. Government is an important part of Countries, and out of the many civilizations in the world there are many kinds of Government. Skip to Main Content. District Home.

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A government is a group of people that have the power to rule in a territory , according to the administrative law. This territory may be a country , a state or province within a country, or a region. Plato listed five kinds of government in The Republic :.

It will be the same quiz!!!! Open notes Quiz tomorrow 1. Write the following terms: 1. Executive branch can veto laws passed by Congress 2.

Glossary of Terms

Shop Subscribe Donate. These outlines are works in progress that have been developed by staff of the Center for Civic Education. They have not been widely reviewed by scholars and practitioners in the United States or other nations.


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    An autocracy is a government in which one person has all the power. There are two Citizens hold the ultimate power, though, because if they don't like what.

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    Accountability means that the government in a democracy is responsible to the people for its actions.

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    Throughout history, there have been many different countries and societies, and those populations could never function properly without a form of leadership.

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