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There are spiral shaped spoons, shapely wooden sticks, shakers everywhere, measuring tools with strange names, blenders, juicers, mallets, funnels, and little spouts on the top of every bottle.

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When you come across videos about making cocktails, you may notice that some of the basic tools the bartender uses include a cocktail shaker, a jigger , a bar spoon and a glass. These are the most used ones but there are actually more materials than you think that serve great purposes. If you aspire to become a bartender , you must have knowledge with all of the tools, gear and basically everything you need aside from knowing which drinks to mix. These tools are going to be your best friends and now let us acquaint you with them. Just as a mechanic needs his tools and a scientist needs his apparatus, a bartender also needs his own stuff.

Visit the Good Cocktails Bar Store to get all your bar supplies, bar products, bar accessories, bartending tools and equipment. This is a spoon with a long handle used to stir mixed drinks in tall glasses. You can also use the back of the spoon for layering drinks. It is a mixed drink recipe book and bartender guide. It is a great reference when you need to look for recipes. I highly recommend, The Bartender's Black Book.

Free Bar Equipment Checklist: Bar Equipment & Supplies List

Everything works better when you have a clear plan in mind, the same is true for running your bar. Similar to having standardized recipes and bar cleaning procedures, having a checklist of necessary bar equipment will help you be better at bar management. Here is a quick run-down of basic items that should be on your checklist. Feel free to customize and add more to the list to fit your unique bar and restaurant operations. We recommend starting the list with the most obvious equipment, which are the tools that you and your staff would use for bartending.

Bartending Equipment / Bartending Tools

Here is a complete bar equipment list that covers everything from cocktail supplies, to software, to cleaning supplies. Keep in mind that the exact equipment on your list may vary based on the unique operations of your business. However, your supply list will likely include the following:.

The first cocktails were most likely enjoyed by British navy sailors, and pirates during the s and they consisted of a rough moonshine rum that was mixed with citrus fruit, sugar, tea and other spices to enhance mostly dull the flavor of the rum. Since the days of sailing the seven seas, mixology has become a skillful art. The level of precision and skill involved has increased dramatically and with that has come a variety of bar tools and equipment that make a mixologists job possible. The tools on our list set your bartenders up to succeed by not only giving them the basics, such as bottle openers and wine keys, but also provide them with essential equipment to make a wide repertoire of drinks for your customers.

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40+ Bar Tools And Equipment Every Bartender Needs
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