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Reflection (physics)

Light rays change direction when they reflect off a surface, move from one transparent medium into another, or travel through a medium whose composition is continuously changing. The law of reflection states that, on reflection from a smooth surface, the angle of the reflected ray is equal to the angle of the incident ray. By convention, all angles in geometrical optics are measured with respect to the normal to the surface—that is, to a line perpendicular to the surface. The reflected ray is always in the plane defined by the incident ray and the normal to the surface. The law of reflection can be used to understand the images produced by plane and curved mirrors. Unlike mirrors, most natural surfaces are rough on the scale of the wavelength of light, and, as a consequence, parallel incident light rays are reflected in many different directions, or diffusely. Diffuse reflection is responsible for the ability to see most illuminated surfaces from any position—rays reach the eyes after reflecting off every portion of the surface.

Download revision notes for Light Reflection and Refraction class 10 Notes and score high in exams. These are the Light Reflection and Refraction class 10 Notes prepared by team of expert teachers. The revision notes help you revise the whole chapter in minutes. Revising notes in exam days is on of the best tips recommended by teachers during exam days. In this chapter we will study the phenomena of reflection and refraction using the property of light i. Ray of light : It is a line in the direction of movement of light. Beam of light : It is bucnh of rays of light.

Register Now. Hey there! We receieved your request. Light is a radiation or a form of energy that our eyes can detect. Light enables us to view our surroundings.

Reflection of Light and Image Formation

Lesson 2 discussed the formation of images by plane mirrors. In Lesson 2, it was emphasized the image location is the location where reflected light appears to diverge from. For plane mirrors, virtual images are formed. Light does not actually pass through the virtual image location; it only appears to an observer as though the light is emanating from the virtual image location. In this lesson we will begin to see that concave mirrors are capable of producing real images as well as virtual images.

Light - Light - Reflection and refraction: Light rays change direction when they reflect off a As the transmitted light moves into the second medium, it changes its The laws of geometrical optics also explain the formation of mirages and halos.

Light Reflection and Refraction class 10 Notes Science

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These solutions for Reflection Of Light are extremely popular among Class 8 students for Science Reflection Of Light Solutions come handy for quickly completing your homework and preparing for exams. Fill in the blanks i. The perpendicular to the mirror at the point of incidence is called

Reflection is the change in direction of a wavefront at an interface between two different media so that the wavefront returns into the medium from which it originated. Common examples include the reflection of light , sound and water waves. The law of reflection says that for specular reflection the angle at which the wave is incident on the surface equals the angle at which it is reflected. Mirrors exhibit specular reflection. In acoustics , reflection causes echoes and is used in sonar.

Reflection of Light

The process through which light rays falling on the surface on an object are sent back is called reflection of light. Thus, when light falls on the surface of an object it sends back the light. The objects having shiny or polished surface reflects more light compared to the objects having dull or unpolished surface.

Formulae Handbook for Class 10 Maths and Science. Question 1: What happens when a ray of light falls normally or perpendicularly on the surface of a plane mirror? Solution : As ray of light falls normally on mirror, this means that angle of incidence is 0o. From second law of reflection, we know that angle of incidence is equal to angle of reflection. So, angle of reflection will also be zero. Therefore, the light ray will be reflected back along the same path. What is the angle of reflection?

Light Reflection and Refraction Notes For Class 10 Download pdf

CBSE Guide Light Reflection and Refraction class 10 Notes

A group of rays of light emitted by a source of light is called a beam of light. A light beam is of three types. Reflection of Light : There are some surfaces which have ability to send the light back in the same medium when light strikes it. Image : When light rays meet or appear to meet after reflection from a mirror,then it is called an image. Real Image : It is a kind of image which is formed by actual intersection of light rays after reflection.

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Unit: Light – reflection & refraction (Hindi)

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