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Published: 01.05.2021

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Mesostructured zeolitic materials MZMs with relatively high acidity in comparison with the mesoporous siliceous MCM were prepared via an efficient, mild, and simple post-synthetic treatment of Y zeolite facilitated by microwave irradiation, i. MZMs possess a total acidity of about 0. Additionally, a comprehensive comparison of the state-of-the-art mesoporous materials concerning their sustainable aspects was made, showing that MZMs are promising mesoporous materials for further development and functionalization for catalysis. Mesoporous materials are an important class of porous materials with a wide range of proposed applications in catalysis particularly as the additives for petrochemical conversions, especially large hydrocarbons , environmental remediation e. However, although the well-structured mesoporosity is valuable to improve the accessibility and molecular diffusion within the framework, the amorphous nature of mesoporous silica frameworks makes them, generally, hydrothermally less stable compared to the crystalline microporous zeolites. Additionally, they are commonly siliceous, being less effective than aluminosilicate zeolites for the solid acid catalyzed reactions Perego and Millini, ; Prasomsri et al.

A mesoporous material sphere based on silica, SBA, was chemically modified with alkoxysilane using two different solvents: methanol and toluene. The influence of the chemical modification of the matrix on the release rate of a model drug was also studied. The structural characteristics of the materials were evaluated by small-angle X-ray diffraction, N 2 adsorption, and transmission electron microscopy. The functionalization of the matrix was evaluated using thermal analysis, FTIR spectroscopy, 13 C and 29 Si solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance, and elemental analysis, CHN. The results show that alkoxysilane groups have been chemically bonded to silicon atoms on the surface of cubic Im3m mesoporous silica. The influence of the release rate of atenolol molecules from chemically modified mesoporous SBA could be identified, since significant differences could be observed among the release patterns of the different materials. Ordered mesoporous silica are interesting solid supports due to their uniform and large pores, tunable pore sizes, high-surface areas, and the presence of a large number of highly dispersed active sites on the pore walls and surface [ 1 — 3 ].

Micro—mesoporous materials obtained by zeolite. Mesoporous oxides of niobium, tantalum, titanium, zirconium, cerium and tin have also been reported. However, the flagship of mesoporous materials is mesoporous carbon, which has direct applications in energy storage devices. Mesoporous carbon has porosity within the mesopore range and this significantly increases the specific surface. Facile synthesis of hydrothermally stable mesoporous ZSM

Acid Properties of Hierarchical Zeolites Y

Metrics details. A novel soft-template ST is fabricated and successfully employed as mesoporogen to synthesis hierarchical ZSM-5 zeolites with outstanding mesoporosity and high hierarchy factors. The as-produced soft-template can connect steadily with the MFI frameworks by covalent bonds of —Si—O—Si— during the high-temperature hydrothermal crystallization process. This type of connection mode can effectively avoid the formation of amorphous materials, and the specific structure of this soft-template can efficiently introduce plentiful of mesopores with few micropores being consumed. Due to the nature of zeolites and great microporosity, these hierarchical samples present great tolerance of hydrothermal treatment. And because of the intracrystalline mesopores, large external surface areas, and abundant accessible acid sites, whether in conversion rate of reactants or selectivity of products, the hierarchical samples exhibit excellent catalytic performance in the reactions of alkylation between benzene and benzyl alcohol, cracking of 1,3,5-tri-isopropylbenzene, and thermal cracking of low-density polyethylene LDPE , respectively. Zeolites are widely used as adsorbents, ion exchangers, and heterogeneous catalysts in a variety of applications, due to the abundant surface acidity, large surface area, excellent hydrothermal stability, and particular molecule sieving ability [ 1 ].

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Mesoporous Zeolitic Materials (MZMs) Derived From Zeolite Y Using a Microwave Method for Catalysis

Metal and Semiconductor Nanocrystals View all 10 Articles. Metal nanoparticles NPs exhibit desired activities in various catalytic reactions. However, the aggregation and sintering of metal NPs usually cause the loss of catalytic performance in practical reaction processes. Microporous zeolites, owing to their rigid frameworks and porous structural features, have been considered as one of ideal inorganic supports. Metal NPs can be easily encapsulated and stabilized within zeolitic frameworks to prevent unwished aggregation during the catalysis.

Vanadium-modified molecular sieves: preparation, characterization and catalysis. Vanadium-containing molecular sieves are redox catalysts and are good candidates as substitutes for oxide-supported V 2 O 5 in a number of reactions. These materials have the advantage of presenting better dispersion of vanadium species, as well as shape-selective properties and controllable acidities. They may be prepared by one-pot synthesis or by post-synthesis methods and a number of techniques such as diffuse reflectance UV-visible spectroscopy, 51 V nuclear magnetic resonance and electron paramagnetic resonance, to name but a few, have been used to characterize these materials. In this review, methods of preparation of vanadium-modified molecular sieves, their characterization and applications in catalysis are discussed.

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