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These short objective type questions with answers are very important for Board exams as well as competitive exams. These short solved questions or quizzes are provided by Gkseries. View Answer. Daily Current Affairs February Daily Quiz February

Selenium automation MCQ Question with Answer

Selenium is based on automating web applications for testing purpose, but it is certainly not limited to just that. The web-based administration tasks can be automated as well. It automates browsers. Selenium has the support of some of the leading browser vendors who have adopted it to make Selenium an essential part of their browser. It is also the core technology in many other browser automation tools, APIs, and frameworks. A list of most frequently asked Selenium interview questions , and their answers are given below.

Automation testing uses automation tools to write and execute test cases, no manual involvement is necessary for executing an automated test suite. Testers prefer automation tools to write test scripts and test cases and then group into test suites.

Automation testing enables the use of specialized tools to automate the execution of manually designed test cases without any human intervention. Automation testing tools can access the test data, controls the execution of tests and compares the actual result against the expected result.

Consequently, generating detailed test reports of the system under test. Selenium is a portable framework for software testing. Selenium tool facilitates with a playback tool for authoring functional tests without the need to learn a test scripting language. Jason Huggins developed Selenium in as an internal tool at Thought Works. Selenium supports automation across different browsers, platforms, and programming languages.

Selenium is not just a single tool but a suite of software's, each having a different approach to support automation testing. It comprises of four major components which include:.

Selenium supports various operating systems, browsers and programming languages. Following is the list:.

Selenium IDE is implemented as Firefox extension which provides record and playback functionality on test scripts. Selenium IDE has limited scope, and the generated test scripts are not very robust, and portable.

Selenium commands, also known as "Selenese" are the set of commands used in Selenium that run your tests. In Selenium, web elements are identified and located with the help of Locators. Locators specify a target location which uniquely defines the web element in the context of a web application. Thus, to identify web elements accurately and precisely we have different types of locators in Selenium:.

The assertion is used as a verification point. It verifies that the state of the application conforms to what is expected. The types of assertion are "assert", "verify" and "waitFor". Assert : Assert command checks if the given condition is true or false. If the condition is true, the program control will execute the next phase of testing, and if the condition is false, execution will stop, and nothing will be executed. Verify : Verify command also checks if the given condition is true or false.

It doesn't halt program execution, i. It is a language used to query XML documents. It is an important approach to locate elements in Selenium. XPath consists of a path expression along with some conditions. It is developed to allow the navigation of XML documents. The key factors that it considered while navigating are selecting individual elements, attributes, or some other part of an XML document for specific processing.

It also produces reliable locators. Some other points about XPath are as follows. It can also be used for selecting values of combo box whereas "typeAndWait" command is used when your typing is completed and software web page start reloading.

This command will wait for software application page to reload. If there is no page reload event on typing, you have to use a simple "type" command.

It returns a single WebElement. It returns a list of web elements. How many types of waits in selenium? There are two types of waits:. Suppose, you set the waiting limit to be 10 seconds, and the elements appear in the DOM in 11 seconds, your tests will be failed because you told it to wait a maximum of 10 seconds. Selenium Grid facilitates you to distribute your tests on multiple machines and all of them at the same time. So, you can execute tests on Internet Explorer on Windows and Safari on Mac machine using the same text script.

It reduces the time of test execution and provides quick feedback. Here, "WebDriver" is an interface, and we are creating a reference variable "driver" of type WebDriver, instantiated using "FireFoxDriver" class. We will use Action class to generate user event like right-click an element in WebDriver.

Get command is used to get the inner text of the specified web element. The get command doesn't require any parameter, but it returns a string type value. It is also one of the widely used commands for verification of messages, labels, and errors,etc. The above command allows the user to navigate to the next web page with reference to the browser's history. The navigate.

An inline frame abbreviates as an iframe. It is used to insert another document within the current document. These document can be HTML document or simply web page and nested web page. Look at the example below. Each web page is required to have its page class. The page class is responsible for finding the WebElements in web pages and then perform operations on WebElements. WebDriver allows user to check the visibility of the web elements.

These web elements can be buttons, radio buttons, drop, checkboxes, boxes, labels etc. The above command search the element using a link text, then click on that element and thus the user will be re-directed to the corresponding page.

The above-given command searches the element based on the substring of the link provided in the parenthesis. And after that partialLinkText finds the web element with the specified substring and then clicks on it. JavaTpoint offers too many high quality services. Mail us on hr javatpoint. Please mail your requirement at hr javatpoint. Duration: 1 week to 2 week. All Interview. Selenium Interview Questions Selenium is based on automating web applications for testing purpose, but it is certainly not limited to just that.

It automates browsers Selenium has the support of some of the leading browser vendors who have adopted it to make Selenium an essential part of their browser. Some basic Advantages of automation testing are as follows. Automation testing supports both functional and performance test on an application. It supports the execution of repeated test cases. It facilitates parallel execution. It aids in testing a large test matrix.

It improves accuracy because there are no chances of human errors. It saves time and money. Lists of top 10 used automation testing tools for Functional Automation are as follows. Teleric Test Studio, Developed by Teleric. Rational Robot, provided by IBM. Coded UI, provided by Microsoft. Selenium, open source. Auto It, Open Source. Load Runner, provided by Hp.

JMeter, provided by Apache. Burp Suite, provided by PortSwigger. Acunetix, provided by Acunetix. Selenium v1. Selenium v2. With the onset of WebDriver, RC got deprecated and moved to the legacy package. Selenium v3: The latest release Selenium 3 has new added features and functionalities. Different types of testing's that we can achieve through Selenium are.

A sequence of Selenium commands Selenese together is known as a test script. XPath is a language used for locating nodes in XML documents.

[updated] 100 TOP Selenium Multiple choice Questions and Answers pdf free download

Every aspiring tester, especially one aiming to work with web-based applications, must have good knowledge about Selenium. This is because whenever applying for some job opportunity regarding web-based testing these days, expect Selenium-based questions coming your way. Written completely in Java, Selenium is one of the most widely used automation testing tools. It is easy to use, simple and provides support for writing test scripts in a wide variety of programming languages , including C , Groovy, Java, Perl, and Python. Here, we have collected the top Selenium interview questions that will help you append your extant Selenium knowledge as well as check how well you fare against an array of Selenium interview questions thrown right at you. Instead, it is a package of several tools, and thus a testing suite.

Selenium Multiple Choice Questions - 17

The following Java Selenium interview questions guide covers most important interview questions for Selenium Webdriver including simple Selenium interview questions as well as Selenium tricky interview questions with answers. This guide has all the selenium interview questions for freshers and Selenium interview questions for experienced candidates to help prepare for the interview. Selenium is a suite of tools for automated web testing.

Top 100 Selenium Interview Questions and Answers

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Selenium is based on automating web applications for testing purpose, but it is certainly not limited to just that. The web-based administration tasks can be automated as well. It automates browsers. Selenium has the support of some of the leading browser vendors who have adopted it to make Selenium an essential part of their browser. It is also the core technology in many other browser automation tools, APIs, and frameworks.

Selenium MCQ Quiz & Online Test: Below is few Selenium MCQ test that checks your basic knowledge of Selenium. 4 options. You have to select the right answer to a question. Download Free: Selenium Mcq PDF. 6.


Here is a Free Selenium online test for certification preparation that will help you enhance your basic knowledge of Selenium WebDriver. You will get 30 minutes to complete this free online Selenium quiz. These Selenium multiple choice questions will help you with self-assessment and preparation for the Selenium certification exam. Take this free Selenium mock test to check your knowledge. The Selenium Tester Foundation Certification is an independant and internationally recognized certification test that verifies the knowledge of test automation with Selenium WebDriver with various Selenium basics and other common concepts.

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Selenium Quiz, Online Mock Test & MCQ Question and Answers

Hello to all testing buddies, we are back with another Selenium cracker in the series of Selenium testing quizzes. This quiz is the latest online testing challenge powered with top 20 Selenium interview questions to help you in assessing your Selenium skills. This Webdriver quiz is our third submission to the Selenium WebDriver testing community.

Are you ready to ace your upcoming selenium job interview? No matter you are an experienced or freshers, we have covered all levels based on the requests we got from our readers. Here we have covered Selenium Interview Questions asked in companies. Automation testing is the process of testing a software or application using an automation testing tool to find the defects.

100 Most Popular Advanced Selenium Interview Questions And Answers

Here are the top 35 Selenium interview questions and answers. These most-asked Selenium questions are framed by experts from Intellipaat who lead our Selenium Training to give you an idea of the type of questions asked in interviews. They have taken full care to give accurate answers to all the questions. Do comment your thoughts!

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