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Bench top apparatus with control and instrumentation unit that demonstrates heat transfer during different boiling and condensing processes. Gives students an understanding of heat transfer during boiling and condensing. The equipment heats and condenses water, and includes a separate control module with a digital display. Heating and condensing takes place inside a partially filled glass vessel. A heater coil heats the water. For boiling heat transfer experiments, students adjust the current in a resistant wire heater element in the water. Students watch the boiling process and note the different boiling processes.

Film-wise and drop-wise condensation of steam on short inclined plates

Hou, Y. August 1, Heat Transfer. August ; 8 : However, the condensed water is susceptible to the large pinning force of the hydrophilic area, leading to an ultimate flooding. Here, we demonstrate a hierarchical nanostructured surface with patterned high wetting contrast to achieve a natural transition from filmwise-to-dropwise condensation, which reconciles the existing problems.

Dropwise condensation provides larger heat transfer coefficients compared to filmwise condensation, as discovered in the year by Schmid et al. Dropwise condensation can be described as a phenomenon of the incomplete wettability of a surface. The wettability of the surface is responsible for the formation of the respective type of condensation and has a very strong effect on the performance of the heat transfer process. Likewise, the wettability of the surface has a very strong effect on the subcooling of the condensate, for constant cooling performance. Although the conditions necessary for promoting dropwise condensation are well known since several decades, and experiments with coatings as promoters have been carried out successfully, at least in part, the application of dropwise condensation is still today in a testing phase. The main problems in the realization of dropwise condensation are the insufficiency of the theoretical description of working boundary surface phenomena, such as complete or incomplete wettability and their strong dependence on influences caused in the practical operation by contamination, oxidation of the surface, adsorption layers, and gas enclosures.

Dropwise condensation of water vapor from a naturally cooling, hot water reservoir onto a hydrophobic polymer film and a silanized glass slide was studied by direct observation and simulations. Drop coalescence plays a critical role in determining the drop size distribution, and stimulates the nucleation of new, small drops on the substrates. Simulations of drop growth incorporating these growth mechanisms provide a good description of the observed drop size distribution. Because of the large role played by coalescence, details of individual drop growth make little difference to the final drop size distribution. The rate of condensation per unit substrate area is especially high for the smallest drops, and may help account for the high heat transfer rates associated with dropwise condensation relative to filmwise condensation in heat exchange applications. Many everyday interactions between water vapor and relatively cool, hydrophobic surfaces produce intriguing patterns of condensed drops with a variety of sizes. Breathing on contaminated glass surfaces, or surfaces given hydrophobic surface treatments, can produce a fog of tiny drops, giving the glass a frosted appearance.

Request PDF | Film and Dropwise Condensation | The chapter covers four main areas of condensation heat transfer. The process at the vapor-liquid interface.


Film-wise and drop-wise condensation experiments were carried out at atmospheric pressure varying the condensing plates, their inclinations and orientations upward or downward facing , and the air concentrations. As expected, dropwise condensation showed much higher heat transfer rates than corresponding film-wise condensation in the pure steam cases. However, with the presence of air, both modes of condensation showed similar heat transfer rates due to the high thermal resistance of the air-rich layer. Both modes of condensation showed systematic decreases in heat transfer as the angle of the plate to the horizontal decreased and as the concentration of air increased.

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PDF | Film-wise and drop-wise condensation experiments were carried out at atmospheric pressure varying the condensing plates, their.


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