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[PDF] Chemical Process Modelling and Computer Simulation By Amiya K. Jana Book Free Download

Monte Carlo methods are defined broadly as a statistical approach to provide approximate solutions to mathematically complex optimization or simulation problems by using random sequences of numbers. The two main advantages of Monte Carlo methods are perhaps that the concept is relatively simple and easy to use, and the same method has a sound basis. The Law of large numbers ensures that the Monte Carlo solution converges asymptotically to the true solution of a problem and since its first formulation by Metropolis and Ulam , Monte Carlo methods have seen widespread application across many scientific and engineering disciplines. Each of these contributions highlights different aspects of the Monte Carlo methods, from model identification to system and process analysis. As regards model identification, we have three contributions from different domain applications.

Process Modelling and Simulation in Chemical, Biochemical and Environmental Engineering (CRC, 2015)

Stochastic global optimization methods and applications to chemical, biochemical, pharmaceutical and environmental processes presents various algorithms that include the genetic algorithm, simulated annealing, differential evolution, ant colony optimization, tabu search, particle swarm optimization, artificial bee colony optimization, and cuckoo search algorithm. The design and analysis of these algorithms is studied by applying them to solve various base case and complex optimization problems concerning chemical, biochemical, pharmaceutical, and environmental engineering processes. Design and implementation of various classical and advanced optimization strategies to solve a wide variety of optimization problems makes this book beneficial to graduate students, researchers, and practicing engineers working in multiple domains. This book mainly focuses on stochastic, evolutionary, and artificial intelligence optimization algorithms with a special emphasis on their design, analysis, and implementation to solve complex optimization problems and includes a number of real applications concerning chemical, biochemical, pharmaceutical, and environmental engineering processes. Engineers, researchers and scientists in chemical, biotechnological, pharmaceutical environmental and electrical engineering fields. A reference book to masters and Ph. D level research scholars.

Chemical process modeling is a computer modeling technique used in chemical engineering process design. It typically involves using purpose-built software to define a system of interconnected components, [1] which are then solved so that the steady-state or dynamic behavior of the system can be predicted. The system components and connections are represented as a process flow diagram. Chemical process modeling requires a knowledge of the properties of the chemicals involved in the simulation, [1] as well as the physical properties and characteristics of the components of the system, such as tanks, pumps, pipes, pressure vessels, and so on. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archived from the original on

Computers and Chemical Engineering 29 Modelling and simulation in chemical engineering: Tools for process innovation. Modelling Simulation of. Mathematical modelling of seperation processes. Modelling and Simulation in Chemical Engineering. Chemical Engineering, Process Modelling and Simulation.

Process Modelling and Simulation in Chemical, Biochemical and Environmental Engineering. DOI link for Process Modelling and Simulation in.

Process Modeling Simulation and Control for Chemical Engineers

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Notwithstanding these constraints, the industries have to continuously keep on increasing their productivity and profitability for survival in the market. In order to achieve the goal, it is most important that the chemical plants are operated with optimum efficiency in spite of the different constraints confronting them. This thoroughly revised book, now in its second edition, continues to provide the fundamental concepts of how mathematical models of chemical processes are constructed, and demonstrate the applications of these models to the simulation of two of the very important chemical engineering systems—the chemical reactors and distillation systems. The topics of discussion related to tanks, heat exchangers, chemical reactors both continuous and batch , biochemical reactors continuous and fed-batch , distillation columns continuous and batch , equilibrium flash vaporizer, refinery debutanizer column, evaporator, and steam generator contain several worked-out examples and case studies to teach students how chemical processes are operated, characterized and monitored using computer programming.

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