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Arthur Prior

Modal logic is a collection of formal systems originally developed and still widely used to represent statements about necessity and possibility. This formula is widely regarded as valid when necessity and possibility are understood with respect to knowledge, as in epistemic modal logic. The first modal axiomatic systems were developed by C. Lewis in , building on an informal tradition stretching back to Aristotle. The relational semantics for modal logic was developed by Arthur Prior , Jaakko Hintikka , and Saul Kripke in the mid twentieth century. In this semantics, formulas are assigned truth values relative to a possible world. A formula's truth value at one possible world can depend on the truth values of other formulas at other accessible possible worlds.

Arthur Prior — undertook pioneering work in intensional logic at a time when modality and intensional concepts in general were under attack. He invented tense logic and was principal theoretician of the movement to apply modal syntax to the formalisation of a wide variety of phenomena. Prior and Carew Meredith devised a version of the possible worlds semantics several years before Saul Kripke published his first paper on the topic. An iconoclast and a resourceful innovator, Prior inspired many to undertake work in intensional logic. Yet for him the point of a logical calculus was always that it had a subject matter, be it time, obligation, agency, or even biology, and a concern for philosophical problems never lay far below his theorems. It was the extra-symbolic world that mattered to Prior, not the formal results per se. He wrote:.

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. Time and Modality is a unique work of reference; not only does it unite studies which explore the syntax and semantics of tense or modality but it is the first book of its kind to embrace the interaction of tense and modality within a coherent generative model. Various topics are covered in this volume: among them are the counterfactual uses of conditionals, modals, and past tense; the irrealis use of perfective aspect; a special English subjunctive; the interaction of tense assignment and the definition of an event; the modal verb as a causative verb; the interaction of modality, tense, and aktionsart; the contrast between deontic and epistemic modal with respect to tense interpretation; the syntax of epistemic modals; the long-awaited definition of generic and habitual sentence; and the introduction of intensionality in copular clauses. Although every article deals with English to some degree, two chapters compare the syntax and semantics of tense and modality in Spanish vs English. The individual articles of this book present the most current advances in research on these topics. Thus, I believe students and researchers who look for detailed analyses on the syntax and semantics of modality and tense will very much benefit from this book.

Time and Modality

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His greatest achievement was the invention of modern temporal logic, worked out in close connection with modal logic. However, his work in logic had a much broader scope. He was also the founder of hybrid logic, and he made important contributions to deontic logic, modal logic, the theory of quantification, the nature of propositions and the history of logic. In addition, he discussed questions of ethics, free will, and general theology. His earliest articles center on philosophical theology and historical studies of Scottish Reformed Theology.

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Yuki Murai, Yuki Hashimoto, Yuko Yotsumoto; Modality-dependent and modality-independent nature of central tendency in time perception. Journal of Vision ;16 12 When stimuli of various durations are presented in an intermixed fashion, longer durations are underestimated, and shorter durations are overestimated. This phenomenon, called the central tendency, suggests that our brains optimally encode stimulus duration based on the likelihood measured by the timing system and the prior knowledge about the distribution of the stimulus duration.

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