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Medical marijuana dispensaries are sprouting up all over the Bethesda area. Will full legalization be next?

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The London Stock Exchange Group has plenty of reasons to be in the news due to its pending merger with Deutsche Boerse, but while all of those discussions take place, parts of the LSEG family are making moves of their own. The two arms in motion are MTS, a bond trading platform, and UnaVista, a back and middle office platform for reconciliation, reporting, matching and validation.

Both are in a similar situation — they have a large presence in Europe but not so much in the United States. Read the rest here. Against the backdrop of a volatile global political and economic climate, we see technological advancement and adoption of disruptive mediums moving at an aggressive pace.

Here are several outlined in this new whitepaper by Nasdaq. Click HERE and fill out the short form for a link to the whitepaper. The law barred banks from many profitable but risky businesses, forced them to add loss-absorbing capital, and required them to make detailed plans for how to shut down in a crisis.

Critics say it made banks wary of lending by overburdening them with rules, hampering the economic recovery. US derivatives industry anticipates modest Dodd-Frank changes; Wholesale repeal of post financial crisis rules finds little industry appetite Joe Rennison and Philip Stafford — FT Contrasting with the message from the Trump administration, the US derivatives industry is not advocating a wholesale repeal of post financial crisis rules.

The Code of Federal Regulations, the repository for existing rules, is approaching , pages. Lynch and Elizabeth Dilts — Reuters Conflicting signs from the White House have left brokerage firms and lobbyists unsure whether a controversial rule governing retirement advice will ever be put in place, but they are taking no chances and complying anyway.

One of the biggest factors that investors have to deal with when turning their philosophy into a strategy is trying to figure out where their opportunity set lies. Competition in the markets has never been stronger, making it harder than ever to earn the elusive market outperformance that so many institutional investors actively seek.

Eight groups have filed applications in recent months with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. This successful launch brings the total number of U.

Not so their fees, which are published either after deals complete, or as running estimates when transactions are long drawn out. PR advisers would come away with only EUR7. More than 1bn Euro notional volume traded in Total Return Futures; 12 of the 21 listed maturities -up to March have been traded by market participants.

Current open interest stands at contracts. All maturities are actively quoted by three Market Makers providing constant liquidity. It also has some big-name backers. Blockchain Technology Market Press Release This research report provides an in-depth analysis of the global blockchain technology market based on type, application, and geography. The global blockchain technology market is categorized based on types into public blockchain, private blockchain, and consortium blockchain.

The application segment for the global blockchain technology market are financial services and non-financial sector. The report analyzes each of these segments for the various geographies considered under the scope of the study. SPX also poised to hit a fresh peak, the impact on the shares of those companies has been mostly short lived.

That might make Big Oil less attractive to investors in the long run. They more closely represent what an investor participant actually takes home: the return of an index, plus dividends paid and reinvested in the index. They were indoors at the Inside ETFs annual conference. It is one of the prevailing themes Wall Street is focusing on as they survey a U. Orange juice futures leave sour taste for investors; Prices stay high in the physical market while forward contracts fall Emiko Terazono — FT Investors are turning sour on orange juice futures.

After touching a record high in November, the orange juice futures market has fallen by almost a third.

However, physical prices — which also rose last year — remain at record highs due to supplies being constrained. Big banks to hold more capital if buffers included in stress tests: U. Or better yet, make him tweet. DE investment banking chief Jeffrey Urwin is in talks to leave the role, and the bank is in discussions to name finance chief Marcus Schenck to run the unit, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing people familiar with the matter.

The Technology Impacts of Mifid II Part 1 WatersTechnology Mifid II, set to come into force at the start of January , will have far-reaching consequences for large numbers of European market participants, not only from an operational perspective, but also, significantly, in terms of their technology stacks. Brexit Risks 30, U. How to raise financially savvy kids Chris Taylor — Reuters Wondering why our kids are not so great with money?

Peter Fredriksson of Baymarkets is the first up with a story about Stockholm. My phone experienced a series of text messages yesterday as NYSE Arca Equities had electronic trading problems late in the day. Here is the System Status page with the details on the problem. It was there I pitched various firms about the idea. This morning MarketsWiki sits at nearly 96 million page views. It was good to see so many friends, colleagues and sponsors down in Boca.

It is the best conference for us to connect with so many people. Expect to see those videos soon. This was the first Boca without Mary Ann Burns at the controls and it went very well.

You are a good man, Thom! In his view, Stockholm and more broadly, Sweden, have been pioneers in automating the financial markets and making them more efficient. Stockholm was even early in the exchange merger and acquisition space, paving the way for OM to acquire the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

He also sees opportunities across the whole transaction chain: pre-trade, post-trade and clearing. He also spoke about the basics of finance at our MarketsWiki Education series.

He is th overall on the world list. David Rockefeller, Philanthropist and Head of Chase Manhattan, Dies at Jonathan Kandell — NY Times David Rockefeller, the banker and philanthropist with the fabled family name who controlled Chase Manhattan bank for more than a decade and wielded vast influence around the world for even longer as he spread the gospel of American capitalism, died on Monday morning at his home in Pocantico Hills, N.

He was Takeaways from FIA Boca Doug Monieson — Medium FIA Boca is unique among financial industry conferences: it brings together an incredibly diverse range of participants that includes regulators, exchange leaders, trading firms, vendors, and a sizable contingent of representatives of all stripes from around the world.

This years edition attracted over 1, registrants from 25 countries for three days of panels and meetings. The webinar is aimed at algorithmic trading firms seeking to better understand advanced order management strategies and improve their execution quality.

Threat or Opportunity? In her remarks to several hundred industry leaders at the DC Blockchain Summit, Masters shifted the focus to how the wider job market — not just corporate executives — might benefit from blockchain. A mob of trend-followers is eroding the advantage that quantitative analysis usually provides to short-term equity trading strategies more quickly than normal, according to research from Bank of America Corp.

HSBC, the Royal Bank of Scotland, Lloyds, Barclays and Coutts are among 17 banks based in the UK, or with branches here, that are facing questions over what they knew about the international scheme and why they did not turn away suspicious money transfers. The platform, which rolled out to sell-side participants late last year also reported record volume of EUR Introduction of the Co-location 2.

The launch of the Co-location 2. SIX deploys blockchain for bond trading platform Global Custodian SIX Securities Services has developed a blockchain powered service covering the full bond trading life cycle from issuance to settlement. Is Google Working on its Own Bitcoin? Instead of pegging their system on Blockchain, Currencycloud is entering the financial industry with a Blockchain-inspired technology that is actually applicable to a wide range of operations such as transaction facilitation.

The quiet bear market that has been under way since yields bottomed in mid is alive and well. Hedge funds rush for exit after oil trade becomes crowded: Kemp John Kemp — Reuters Hedge funds cut their bullish bets on oil by the largest amount on record in the week to March 14, according to the latest data published by regulators and exchanges. They often go into hibernation until resurrected in a new form.

He could either accept a graduate programme slot at a West Coast investment group, or go and run a windsurf shop in Florida. Wall St. But the answer may be simple: growth prospects. Gaby Wood meets her. Prime Minister Theresa May set a date to trigger the formal mechanism for quitting the bloc. The LME came to Chicago yesterday for a straightforward marketing presentation and attracted a room full of Chicago futures market participants. They laid out their business, plans and factors impacting them in a well done program.

The big news out of LME is the June 5 launch of its precious metals futures; gold and silver. Here is a FAQ about their offering. Sign up will open up June 1. Nasdaq will host the July 11 sessions at its Marketsite and Reuters will host the July 12 session at its offices in Times Square. We will bring the program back to Chicago on July 17, 19 and More speakers will be announced for New York and Chicago as they are confirmed. Watch our www. Speaking of our MarketsWiki Education series, check out our latest video below from our recent Stockholm event with Evelin Kaup of Nordnet.

Would the rest of the world? Trump is doing to his Presidency with his seemingly endless stream of exaggerations, evidence-free accusations, implausible denials and other falsehoods. Additionally, Zero Chaos and Fisher agree never to apply for CFTC registration or claim exemption from registration; and never to engage in any activity requiring registration with the CFTC, or act as a principal, agent, officer, or employee of any person registered or required to be registered with the CFTC.

MarketsWiki Education. Evelin Kaup of Nordnet said the question of whether fintech is a threat to banks is being discussed at nearly every industry event these days. So far, the fintech companies have said yes while the banks have been saying no.

But that may be changing. His video can be found here. FinTech Exchange features a concise and engaging program, plus unique networking opportunities with both new and existing firms in the industry. Third was from Chris White, ViableMkts, on corporate bond trading transaction costs. Teza sells high-speed trading as lucrative business sours; Purchase by Quantlab comes as mounting costs make it harder to compete on speed alone Gregory Meyer in New York — FT Teza Technologies, a pioneer of electronic markets, has sold its high-speed trading business to Quantlab Financial after conditions soured in the once-lucrative sector.

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This stands in sharp contrast to the recent eruption of market commentary that warns stocks could severely tumble for any number of reasons, including a nuclear standoff with North Korea, seasonal market volatility, central bank meetings, and the U. On the other hand, Golden is a cautionary tale, with obvious warning signs such as his unregistered investment solicitation, working with a convicted felon business partner and outsized performance claims that all stretch credulity. He lost sleep. He lost clients. He damn near lost his sanity. LME copper options volatility hits four-month high; turnovers increase Martin Hayes — MetalBulletin The unexpected price surge in the London Metal Exchange base metals during the normally stagnant month of August has boosted interest in the underlying traded options markets, with volatility levels and turnovers both rising significantly. From sugar mills to hog farms, U.

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Click here to search Bob Jensen's web site if you have key words to enter Search Site. Bob Jensen's New Additions to Bookmarks. March Bob Jensen at Trinity University. Either the equations were analytical based upon unrealistic economic assumptions or empirical based upon dubious assumptions of efficient markets and the unreliable Capital Asset Pricing Model CAPM.

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Wallstreetjournal 20170804 The Wall Street Journal

Our Financial Consultants listen before they help you plan. Flip to page B14 to learn more. The average fund was revealed the U.

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The London Stock Exchange Group has plenty of reasons to be in the news due to its pending merger with Deutsche Boerse, but while all of those discussions take place, parts of the LSEG family are making moves of their own. The two arms in motion are MTS, a bond trading platform, and UnaVista, a back and middle office platform for reconciliation, reporting, matching and validation. Both are in a similar situation — they have a large presence in Europe but not so much in the United States. Read the rest here.

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Wallstreetjournaleurope 20170804 The Wall Street Journal Europe

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