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Free Medical Book PDF: Neurosurgery Rounds Questions and Answers PDF

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Publicada em 21 de nov de A practical case-based review for neurosurgical oral board preparation An ideal resource for board exam preparation, this review distills the essentials of neurosurgery in a user-friendly question and answer format. Divided into three main sections, this text presents a comprehensive collection of cases covering intracranial pathology, spinal and peripheral nerve pathology, and neurology. Each chapter opens by detailing the clinical presentation of a problem frequently encountered in everyday practice followed by a list of questions and answers designed to test the reader's knowledge of diagnostic techniques, imaging, surgical indications, treatment options, potential complications, and outcomes. Highlights:Contributions from internationally recognized authorities in the main subspecialties of neurosurgery, including neurosurgical oncology, skull base surgery, vascular neurosurgery, spine surgery, pediatric neurosurgery, peripheral nerve surgery, and epilepsy surgerySuccinct bullet-point format and consistent presentation in each chapter for rapid review of essential conceptsDetailed coverage of common and rare neurologic pathologiesMore than high-quality images, including 76 full-color illustrations that demonstrate important conceptsValuable references to current evidence-based scientific data This book is an indispensable tool for neurosurgeons, residents, and fellows preparing for their oral board or recertification examinations. With its highly accessible presentation, this book will also be a valuable refresher for clinicians and a useful reference for students preparing for rounds. Seja a primeira pessoa a gostar disto.

Neurosurgery Rounds: Questions and Answers, Second Edition covers principles of clinical neurosurgery in a novel question-and-answer format and is intended to prepare medical students and residents for questions encountered on their neurosurgery rounds. This edition spans a broad variety of topics, including neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, neuropharmacology, neuroradiology, and clinical neurosurgery. This book fills an important niche because only a handful of educational references in neurosurgery are geared toward a rotating medical student level. Although this book might serve as an effective pedagogical resource for the medical student rotating through neurosurgical service and the junior resident, its utility beyond this level of training is questionable. For neurosurgery residents in particular, a more comprehensive textbook—providing more context and background—might be better for neurosurgeons-in-training

Neurosurgery Practice Questions and Answers

Neurosurgery Rounds: Questions and Answers, Second Edition by Mark Shaya and an impressive cadre of coauthors and contributors, thoroughly prepares medical students and residents for common yet challenging questions frequently encountered during neurosurgery rounds. The convenient, easy-to-follow format provides diverse coverage of multiple disciplines intertwined in the understanding, care, and treatment of neurosurgical patients. Bringing the state of the art in neurosurgery up to date, nine revised and expanded chapters cover a full range of congenital, degenerative, traumatic, neoplastic, infectious, vascular, and inflammatory conditions impacting the brain, spine and peripheral nerves. Short answers and explanations appear directly below the questions, enabling quick reference during busy hospital shifts. Key FeaturesMore than 1, questions and answers test readers on a wide range of basic neuroscience, brain, spine, and peripheral nerve topics30 featured cases provide invaluable clinical pearls and insightful discussionsMore than high-quality radiographs and anatomical illustrations enhance the textThis concise review is an essential lab coat companion for all medical students pursuing neurosurgical clerkships or sub-internships and junior residents on rounds.

The front cover of this text shows neurosurgical pioneer Dr. Harvey Cushing on rounds almost a century ago with residents, students, and nurses examining a patient after a craniotomy. It is truly extraordinary to see this patient without all the bedside machines, monitors, and tubes we are used to seeing today. Although the science and technologic armamentarium have progressed over the years, the true didactics of neurosurgery remain essentially as they were at the time this picture was taken. The amount of information required to complete neurosurgery residency training can be very intimidating and broad. The diagnosis and management of neurosurgical diseases is an ever-advancing field that remains challenging for both the trainees and mentors.

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Only candidates that have successfully passed part I are eligible to sit part II. The Part I examination is a written, multiple choice exam consisting of questions to be answered in three hours. The questions cover neurosurgery, neuroanatomy, neuropathophysiology, neuropathology, neurology, neuroradiology, fundamental clinical skills and other disciplines deemed suitable and important. These may be in any of the subject areas.

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The book is aimed at medical students and junior residents for quick study sessions doing busy hospital shifts.

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