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Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art Criticism: A Critical Introduction

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Yuuki Ohta. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. Enmeshed in the course are three strands: first, topics in philosophical aesthetics, having to do with key ideas within the domain of the aesthetic and the artistic, e.

Each of the four middle sections of the course begins with a discussion of a classic text, and proceeds to explore, in more detail and using more contemporary literature, some of the key issued raised therein. The first two topics are about the very concept of art. The course concludes by meditating on some of the central values of art. The course as a whole is intended as an introductory—and by no means comprehensive—survey of the terrain, and presupposes no prior knowledge of the subject.

This is largely due to the circumstances in which this list was first developed. This, however, in no way means that there are no works falling outside of this tradition that are worth studying.

On the contrary, there is a great wealth of important philosophers and thinkers after Kant whose works tend not to be studied as closely as they ought to be in most philosophy departments. Note also that, regardless of the question whether philosophy in general is in some sense a product of the Western civilisation, there are certainly a great number of non-Western aesthetic traditions.

The definition of art 2. Works of art and ordinary objects ontology and identity 3. Plato, The Republic 4. Depiction, resemblance, photography 6. Aristotle, Poetics 7. Art, empathy, knowledge 8. Musical expression, representation, understanding 9. Subjectivity, objectivity, common sense The aesthetic and the natural Kant, Critique of the Power of Judgement 1 : the beautiful Kant, Critique of the Power of Judgement 2 : fine arts, culture and morality Beauty and pleasure: some varieties Intention and interpretation Survey articles and entries from the anthologies and companions are for the most part not mentioned under individual topics; however, the student may want to consult them first to get an initial orientation with the topic.

Note 11 June : Only very few of the items are annotated; for some topics, a series of possible essay questions is given. General introductions, anthologies and companions. Some standard introductory books excellent for vacation reading include: Budd Malcolm. Values of Art. London, UK: Penguin. Philosophy of Art: A contemporary introduction.

London, UK: Routledge. Stecker, Robert. Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art: An Introduction. Helpful companions, guides, and anthologies of contemporary articles include: Davies, Stephen, et al.

A Companion to Aesthetics. Oxford, UK: Blackwell. The Routledge Companion to Aesthetics. Kieran, Matthew, ed. Contemporary Debates in Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art. Kivy, Peter, ed. The Blackwell Guide to Aesthetics. Lamarque, Peter, and Stein Haugom Olsen, eds. Levinson, Jerrold, ed. The Oxford Handbook of Aesthetics. Margolis, Joseph. Stecker, Robert and Ted Gracyk, eds. Aesthetics Today: A Reader. Aesthetics from Classical Greece to the Present: a short history. Tuscaloosa, AL: University of Alabama.

Bernstein, J. Classic and Romantic German Aesthetics. Bowie, Andrew. Aesthetics and subjectivity: from Kant to Nietzsche. Bychkov, Oleg and Anne Sheppard, trans. Greek and Roman Aesthetics. Cazeaux, Clive, ed. The Continental Aesthetics Reader. Guyer, Paul. A History of Modern Aesthetics. Hammermeister, Kai. The German Aesthetic Tradition. Harrison, Charles, Paul Wood, eds. Hofstadter, Albert and Richard Kuhns. Essays on the History of Aesthetics.

Kristeller, Paul Oskar. McQuillan, Colin and Joseph J. Tanke, eds. The Bloomsbury Anthology of Aesthetics. London, UK: Bloomsbury. Savile, Anthony. Aesthetic Reconstructions: the seminar writings of Lessing, Kant, and Schiller. Tatarkiewicz, Wladyslaw. The Hague, Netherland: Martinus Nijhoff. Theories of Art Today. Pieces by Gaut, Stecker, and Davies. Art: What it Is and Why it Matters. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 85 3 : British Journal of Aesthetics — Discusses the definition suggested by Danto, whose discussion tends to be dispersed.

Danto, Arthur. The Artworld, Journal of Philosophy — Introduces the notorious notion of the artworld. Davies, Stephen. Definitions of Art. A pretty comprehensive survey. Essential Distinctions for Art Theorists. Dickie, George. The New Institutional Theory of Art. Proceedings of the 8th International Wittgenstein Symposium 57— Gaut, Berys. The Cluster Account of Art Defended.

[Sample reading list] Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art

Aesthetics , also spelled esthetics , the philosophical study of beauty and taste. It is closely related to the philosophy of art , which is concerned with the nature of art and the concepts in terms of which individual works of art are interpreted and evaluated. To provide more than a general definition of the subject matter of aesthetics is immensely difficult. Indeed, it could be said that self-definition has been the major task of modern aesthetics. We are acquainted with an interesting and puzzling realm of experience: the realm of the beautiful, the ugly, the sublime , and the elegant; of taste, criticism , and fine art; and of contemplation, sensuous enjoyment, and charm. In all these phenomena we believe that similar principles are operative and that similar interests are engaged. If we are mistaken in this impression, we will have to dismiss such ideas as beauty and taste as having only peripheral philosophical interest.

Ebook Aesthetics and philosophy of art criticism: A critical introduction, by Jerome Stolnitz. Knowing the way how to get this book Aesthetics.

Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art Criticism: a critical introduction.

DOI: Art history and art criticism belong in a wider sense to the humanities, whose aim is the interpretation and comprehension of human actions and intellectual work. Both fields draw their basic methodological tools from the hermeneutical tradition. Their central analytic category is comprehension verstehen that seeks to ascribe meaning to the spirit of these actions, or to works of art.

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Aesthetics and philosophy of art criticism : a critical introduction

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Philosophies of Art & Beauty: Selected Readings in Aesthetics from Plato and Heidegger. Chicago, IL: Art and Ethical Criticism: An Overview of Recent Directions of Research. Repr. as Ch. 15 in Aristotle: Critical Assessments. Volume IV.


The nature and scope of aesthetics

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