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Trade liberalisation involves removing barriers to trade between different countries and encouraging free trade.

Understanding the Pros and Cons of Protectionism

Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Password recovery. Guyana Times. Approaches to trade protectionism measures vary widely between international institutions and independent analysts. Crucially, however, there is consensus on two core elements: 1 the discrimination of foreign economic operators and 2 trade-restrictiveness.

Protectionism occurs when countries place restrictions on imports into the economy. This can involve higher tariffs a type of tax on imports or quotas and embargoes. Other forms of protectionism can be less obvious, such as domestic subsidies to give industries unfair advantages. The main effect of protectionism is a decline in trade, higher prices for some goods, and a form of subsidy for protected industries. Some jobs in these industries may be saved, but jobs in other industries are likely to be lost. See: Argument against free trade.

The Effects of Protectionism

Trade protectionism is a policy that protects domestic industries from unfair competition from foreign ones. The four primary tools are tariffs, subsidies, quotas, and currency manipulation. Protectionism is a politically motivated defensive measure. In the short run, it works. But it is very destructive in the long term. That immediately raises the price of imported goods. They become less competitive when compared to local goods.

A protectionist trade policy allows the government of a country to promote domestic producers, and thereby boost the domestic production of goods and services.

The Effects of Protectionism

Advantages of Protectionism. Disadvantages of Protectionism. Protectionism is where nations aim to prevent or restrict the supply of goods coming into the country.

International trading has some potential barriers that can make it difficult for businesses to trade with some countries.

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    Protectionism is a type of trade policy by which governments attempt to prevent or limit competition from other countries.

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