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Superworld — A superhero game from Chaosium, the creators of the Basic Roleplaying system, which uses those rules. Revenge of Kang.

Fantastic game, been playing for many many many years, since the early 80's. Not a ton in this update. But a fantastic game, overall.

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Villains & Vigilantes.pdf

Fantastic game, been playing for many many many years, since the early 80's. Not a ton in this update. But a fantastic game, overall. Super easy to use and play, and can easily be as much fun to GM as to be a PC.

You work out with the other players what your strength, endurance, intelligence and the rest are and then you roll randomly on a table of super powers. It's a very interesting and fun concept that we completely ignored. The stats were the mostly the same and both games had levels. Plus it gave us excuses to have strengths of 50 or more human max is I remember it being a very good time. As typical of many old school games there are lots of random rolls, charts and a fair amount of math involved.

I went back recently to make a character and was thrilled to see that Monkey House Games had an Excel character sheet. The math isn't hard really, but Excel is still faster. Though such things have been around for a long time even with the older edition. Powers are list by type. So Power Blast is just a blast of some sort of power. It could be Superman's heat vision, Iron Man's repulsors, or even Zatanna's magical blast. What is interesting is the combat matrix of powers vs.

It is loosely defined in the core books, but much greater detail is given in the supplements. It is also one of the few Supers games I can recall where the characters were working for the government at some level. IF you like old school RPGs and want to get into a supers game that feels like those, then this is a great choice. The price is low and there are plenty of places on the web that support either version of the game with materials, character write-ups and community.

What sets this apart from the earlier 2nd edition is newer are and generally cleaned up text. Monkey House also has a number of support documents on their website for free. Loved this game when I played it back in the early 80's. So I was quite happy to be able to play it again this time as a GM using the pdf version. Unfortunately it turns out the reason I loved the game back then is my character was broken. There is a reason we switched to Champions back in the day.

The non-system aspects to the rulebook are fine. I happen to like Jeff Dee's art a great deal. The rulebook does a good job of capturing the spirit of fun that can be found in comic books, despite mechanics that have not aged well. Fans of old-school games may still find value in the text.

Others would be better off looking to more modern games for their superhero fix. My four-star rating is really three stars for content plus one for all the great memories. Villains and Vigilantes is a somewhat dated, and yet relatively strong game system for playing super-heroic characters like you would find in an American comic book. Characters are created using your own identity and specialized formulas, and the game is played with various random tables and rules for mundane items and traits.

The one thing that some game designers seem to miss is this: most people are not creative -- but almost everyone likes to play a game. Does all this mean that Villains and Vigilantes is for the silly, veteran game player -- not hardly!

It only means that Villains and Vigilantes is a unique game with some interesting traits that will appeal to the number cruncher and the die-hard comic book fan. Overall, you will not be disappointed to play Villains and Vigilantes, and the price is just right. I would love to have a hard copy of this game -- maybe one is in the works?

I forgot just how much I liked this game until recently. Random power generation and open interpretation of such powers means that GMs may need to be a bit creative in keeping everyone involved, but hey, when you're emulating a genre that has Thor and Tigra fighting side by side, that's just a fact of life.

The game plays very fast and the Power essentially fatigue rules do a good job of preventing rampant abuse of combat abilities. In content it is very similar to the version, but with a completely new layout. I missed this the first time around back in the 80s. I'm so glad to a second chance. Beautiful presentation, nice rules, random charts galore.

This is supers at it's best, all wrapped into 60 pages. If you are looking for an old school game, this an an excellent one to start with. It's nice to have it back in updated form. Still, I had to have this PDF.

First, we did a little play-testing, to make sure we understood the rules and such. We quickly realized that it needed a bit of a rewrite to be a good playable system.

My memory is a bit fuzzy now, but I know our greatest dislike, by far, was character generation. First, the character is based on the player. Your stat's are the characters stats.

In general, most people think they are better than they really are, compared to others impressions. This can lead to conflict and opinions better kept to oneself. This is an unnecessary complication when you simply want to escape the real world and have some fun.

Next, you use random rolls for your characters powers. Anyone who is a fan of comic superheroes knows that most characters have a set of cohesive powers based on a theme or shtick. Random rolls result in characters that have random powers, which are hard to pull together in any kind of theme, and sometimes end conflict with each other, or are downright silly.

Same goes for Skills and Weaknesses, though kudos for including Weaknesses Bottom line, if you like playing a character based on you, after throwing a bunch of dice, hoping to get lucky with them, then playing the random conglomerate you come up with, this game is for you. As for the rest of the rules, they left little impression on me, other than being no better or worse than other games at the time.

Before we could rewrite it to our satisfaction and bring in the whole gaming group, one of the guys found a copy of Champions, and that's the game we fell in love with, and played superheroes with for many years.

They are very much worth checking out even if you prefer a different rules system. In conclusion, this PDF is something I had to have, but because of my memories of the various books themselves, not the game system. So, thanks Monkey House!! Good things: Great new artwork from Jeff Dee, and a new edit of the rules. Overall a very nice book.

The latter keeps me from giving this 5 stars. Why would you do this? I can't stand putting restrictions like this on something I've purchased. What a great game. Jack Herman and Jeff Dee are back! Great system, great fun! As I read the new version of Villains and Vigilantes with my copy of the previous version close at hand what struck me the most is how well this system holds up in today's gaming world.

Yes, it's old-school This is a classic and I am proud to own the new version and hope to introduce the young'uns around my neck of the woods to some real superhero fun in the days to come.

This is a true classic old school RPG. The random power generation brings back great memories. I wish all the best to the Monkey House crew.

This 2. I'm really glad that Jack and Jeff didn't just wholesale change a whole bunch of stuff I see that bombs are changed, though - nice that Aunt May can no longer survive a nuclear bomb exploding in her face! We'll be testing out the few changes in our regular face-to-face group, and look forward to seeing everything else that comes out. Love the new artwork and revamped layout. Nice to put some names with the illustrations as well. The new rule additions look pretty cool and I will be testing them out in game as soon as possible with my regular group.

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Iron Age: Vigilantes & Villains (PDF)

Villains and Vigilantes stats for Rainbow, Tank. Villains and Vigilantes was the first complete superhero role-playing game. Its second edition featured random character generation, dbased combat and 'hit points' reminiscent of other early tabletop RPGs, and the option for players to make characters based on themselves. Because superheroes and role-playing games are awesome! It's an unabashedly old-school approach. In , we set up in order to release: a re-publication of the '82 second edition with some corrections, new material, and all-new artwork.

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Up, Up, and Away! Mighty Protectors Villains and Vigilantes™ 3.0

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Villains and Vigilantes was the first role-playing game designed by Jack Herman and Jeff Dee and featuring illustrations by Dee. Fantasy Games Unlimited published the first edition of Villains and Vigilantes in The second edition of Villains and Vigilantes was published in with significant rule revisions. In , Monkey House Games published a new edition of the game [1] although a lawsuit filed in U. Federal court, Arizona District, Case no.

What makes a superhero game great? Could it be the over the top fist flying action-packed combats? The outrageous outfits, secret identities, and characterizations? Or is it the feeling of dealing justice in your own special way?