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We asked our panel of experts for their advice on how to make telephone sales people more productive. We came up with a good number of tips for improving the skills of your telesales team. Here are a few:. A key approach for improving outbound telesales productivity is to implement a blueprint strategy.


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The first part of this research was the theoretical part in which author presented the general information for development skills needed for success in telemarketing business.

A qualitative approach was used to evaluate from semi-structured interviews with business development managers and quantitative approach was used as a structured questionnaire.

This research is set to uncover the main skills that companies need for a successful telemarketing businesses and also how important is it for marketing companies and also the failures in telemarketing businesses. The Study from researchers has it that most telemarketing companies lack the skills in communicating with customers due to inexperienced salespersons and also poor management skills they have, in other words, this leads to customers dissatisfaction.

The general conclusion of this thesis is that marketing companies should hire telesales experts or have them trained very well before they start to communicate with customers development skills because that contribute the most to their success. Keywords: Telemarketing, business, selling skills, telesales, the customer. Also, companies have experienced growth due to the realization by many companies that telemarketing really works and it can be used as a means to sell every product or service Robert.

Luke Development skills are of best advantage to achieve a good success in telemarketing business. Furthermore, the study specifically examines and outlined the skills required for telemarketing associates to define which of the skills contribute to their success or failure. According to Ellen Bendremer , every telemarketer or telesales expert has an agenda.

In other words, as you develop your own agenda, it is important to first look through at the big picture in the long-run. While considering this, your overall telemarketing agenda should be to sell your product or service successfully using the telephone and also email to help solve the problems and fill the needs of your customers or clients.

The Relevance of this topic: To discover the development skills in telemarketing and also to analyze the possible skills needed for the success of telemarketing as regards to telemarketing companies.

In spite of its growth and increased acceptance, the image of telemarketing companies is not entirely positive, especially in the consumer segment. Telemarketing means simply using the telephone to market products and services, consumers often view the term as a reference for a constant intrusion at the most inconvenient times of the day, insincere salesperson and unethical activities.

The Novelty of the thesis: The needful attention for developing skills for the success of telemarketing industries. Research problem statements: despite the fact that telemarketing has its growth in the industry, there are skills still needs to be paid attention to.

And in order to achieve this aim, below are what to be discussed: 1. To analyze the failure in telemarketing industries. The successful requirement needed for telemarketing industries. The skills that lead to a business success. Research objects: The main research objects are planned to identify the major problems that are affecting the success of telemarketing business. The Structure of the thesis: The work is structured into four main parts. The first section brings to an overview telemarketing failure and its skills needed for the success of its success and also the description of telemarketing business.

The second section states the methods used by the author for the research work. The third section provides the analysis of the literature review and analysis of the interviews from my internship place, and other companies and also survey results and its findings. And the final section provides the conclusion and recommendation for future works. The emergence of telemarketing industry can be traced back to the early part of the 20th century, in those times the financial services industry used the telephone as a medium of marketing.

Stock brokers have also been using the telephone as a tool for their own tasks for quite a while. It was in the s and s that telemarketing units which are commonly known as inside sales operations started to appear in the wholesale distribution organizations. They were called inside sales operations because of the fact that the sales representatives remained inside the office. This idea got more prominence during the World War II, due to reason that most of the salespeople in the US were put into service and there were travel restrictions.

Referenceforbusiness, In the s and s, magazine publishers avail the telemarketing tool to get new subscribers and get back former subscribers. A key telemarketing success tale begins in when Reuben H.

This breakthrough paved the way for increased outbound calling at low rates, which further helped in the establishment of large cost-effective regional or national call centers. Furthermore, technology development has brought humans from all part of the earth so closer to one another. Individuals from different paths of remote areas of the world are now connected to each other through the internet and satellites.

And in the same way, business community have also adapted and used technological advancements to fulfill their purpose of spreading their business and reaching to more customers. Telemarketing is the means of using the telephone to generate sales or gather marketing information and, generating greater success, and abundantly expanding the reach of your business without ever leaving the comfort of your office.

Telemarketing is also, a valuable means for small businesses, which saves time and money as compared to personal selling, and the offers lots of the same benefits in terms of direct contact with clients. However, telemarketing is costlier compared to direct mail, it tends to be more effective in closing sales and thus provides a greater yield on the marketing dollar. Another main useful of telemarketing is that, when the consumers for a small companies, products or services are in hard-to-reach places, many prospects must be contacted to find one interested in making a purchase.

Besides, most of the small businesses do operate totally by telephone, telemarketing is most often used as part of a whole marketing program to bring together advertising and personal selling efforts. Giving an instance regarding this, a company might send an opening information through mailing, then follow- up with a telemarketing call to check out the prospect's interest, and then finally send a salesperson or to visit the client. Referenceforbusiness, According to Calvert , Telemarketing is also an act of planning and controlling the use of the phone to create a profitable relationship with customers and prospects.

How does this apply to the definition? Planning and controlling: always ensure clear measures, a perfect tracking and reporting systems.

Creativity: always to remain innovative and ensure high levels of interest for your target audience. Profitability: try to understand the true cost involved and the return. The return on investment will help support future activity and the use of the phone as a key marketing instrument.

A lot of people assume that telesales and telemarketing are the same but prior to what have been discussed about telemarketing, as a method of generating interest from the recipient, and also, presents a product or service and gets feedback for the presentation of a more targeted message in the future. In this case, if you want to embark on a relevant and successful telephone based campaign for your business, you have to understand the distinction between the both of them.

What is telesales? Also, both have an outgoing cold calling in common while telemarketing has a number of approaches to increase brand awareness. But telesales has one simple function which is closing a deal.

Telemarketing can be seen as a number of different phone-based activities used to seek out new customers while at the same time spreading the message of your brand. Buying trends and shortages in your offering can be identified by speaking to existing customers, while new markets can be uncovered and identified, allowing for a more focused approach to sales and reducing the need for your Telesales team to engage in extensive, and often fruitless, cold calling.

Telemarketing teaches you about your client base and as well your business. Source: cultivationmarketing. Surveying and doing market research conducted directly with the public can provide useful data concerning the best way to strengthen your concern.

It can as well develop a rapport with those you are trying to target and promote your attributes. The main thing is following leads and making sales. A strong telemarketing campaign can provide a wealth of new marketing channels and potential customer bases, but effective, professional telesales operatives are still required to close those sales and generate business.

The in-house generated data provided by your telemarketing scheme can provide a more focused and defined information source for your sales team to employ, but sensitive, persuasive telesales staff are vital to lessen customer annoyance and boost conversion rates. The most effective if possibly costly method is an integrated campaign of Telemarketing and a variety of other traditional marketing research initiatives to identify lead generation followed by an outbound telesales campaign.

By just cold calling without effective research, you can expect a poor conversion rate and an inadequate return on your investment. While conducting marketing research without fully briefing your telesales team may also produce poor sales.

But by understanding the essential differences between these two disciplines and exploiting their positive elements, telesales and telemarketing can effectively help your business prosper. Furthermore, there are a number of emotional aims why an individual will effectively achieve their telesales and personal goals. All you must do is simply by explaining who you are, your company and what the consumer can benefit from you.

This is a vital and effective step as customers need a clear reason to take time from their busy schedule. Build Reliability and Trust: On the telephone, sales training courses people often ask how the customer is going to trust a stranger over the phone.

The fact is they are either unconsciously or consciously asking questions like how I know I am not being tricked or that can you be trusted. Be brief and to the point that you are a well-respected company with a great track record and you are not trying to separate them from their money. Source Ezinnearticles.

An important tactic to remember is to forget to sell and concentrate in serving. Put their needs above yours. Gather Information: Always keep in mind that not everyone is suitable to your product or service. To find out if they are simply asking questions about their current product supply. These questions show your interest at the same time as adding to their subconscious desire to feel valued and appreciated. Agree on need: This is an emotional benchmark, a moment of truth.

If you do not agree on the needs it will fall through however if you do agree on the needs it will open the mind so that it is receptive to hear what you can do for them.

It is equally known in telesales sales training courses that they tend to buy things that they do not need because they want it. The distinction between want and need is logical and emotional. After buying something you want, you will receive that feeling of safety, ownership or peace of mind, and this gives them a feeling of reward.

You have to tailor the product to meet their needs then inform them of the benefit that will give them this rewarded feeling. The next page will be discussing what makes call successful the useful factors for a successful call telesales.

sales skills and techniques pdf

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Prospecting 2. This process also requires expertise in sales negotiation skills to close an expert deal. To a certain extent, these skills overlap. As long as the sales pro makes sure that each step of the sales process is covered and provides enough value to the customer, assuming a sale will close is a powerful and highly effective closing technique. Your sales skills particularly in implementing your sales strategy and process Add sales skills on closing to your sales techniques and open Closing the deal.

complete telesales skills New techniques on getting through to decision-​makers and getting past Professional objection handling and closing techniques.

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What Is Telesales? Definition and 6 Skills You Need to Excel as a Telesales Agent

Picture delivering your own webinar, virtual training session, or traditional classroom session on telesales skills. Just add your logo and brand the content as your own.

Professional Telesales Skills

Picture delivering your own webinar, virtual training session, or traditional classroom session on telesales skills. Just add your logo and brand the content as your own. While developing a telesales skills training course from scratch, you might find yourself searching for the right content to provide, doing more and more research trying to make sure that you are not missing anything. From detailed Powerpoint slides to customizable participant manuals and practical excercises, here is everything you need to deliver your own telesales skills training courses. This telesales skills training course will primarily address the challenges faced by line-staff, human resource professionals, general managers, and senior executives who work within telesales environments. These themes will help your audience to develop a better understanding of successful telesales skills. And, how they can use telesales techniques presented to them as part of their role.

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The type of individual who thrives in this type of environment needs to be very customer focused; have the ability to satisfy customer needs; and have the ability to think quickly decisively to handle objections and close the deal. It is written with both the customer and the organisation in mind to maximise on potential sales and build client loyalty. Course content Morning Introductions, aims and Objectives Telesales Skills Professional telephone techniques Projecting a professional image is one of the keys to professional selling. Delegates will understand the techniques of making effective outgoing calls; how to build rapport with clients ; how voice presentation skills can enhance the conversation; and how to create good first impressions on both internal and external calls. Call planning and Telesales strategy Salespeople don t plan to fail they sometimes fail to plan. Call planning and strategy are essential to understanding what to say to the customer and how to manage both the first call and the call-back.

Telemarketing & Call Centre Techniques. Who Should Attend: reaching customers and would like to increase their phone selling skills. Objectives: At the end.

A career in telesales requires excellent communication and sales skills and customer service knowledge. As a telesales representative, you will spend most of your working hours persuading prospective and existing customers to buy products or services. Understanding the skills and requirements of a telesales position can help you determine if it is an ideal career for you. In this article, we discuss telesales, how it differs from telemarketing and the duties and skills you need to excel in a telesales role. Telesales is the selling of products or services through the telephone.

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