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Asian Journal of Pharmacy and Technology

Author s : Mr. Jain , Mr. Irfan Sayyed , Mr. Pawar , Mr. Patil , Mr.

Latin name- Salvadora persica Linn. Family- Salvadoraceae. Morphology of Meswak: Pilu is a bushy shrub or small tree growing to a height of feet. The stems are weak, twisted. The root bark of the tree is similar to sand, and the inner surfaces are an even lighter shade of brown. It has a pleasant fragrance, of cress or mustard, as well as a warm and pungent taste.

Clear cell variant of squamous cell carcinoma of eyelid, mimicking sebaceous carcinoma: A rare case report. Calcifying epithelial odontogenic cyst of maxilla: Report of a case and review and discussion on the terminology and classification. Isolated intramuscular cysticercosis of the biceps diagnosed on high-resolution ultrasonography. A rare cause of cellulitis: Photobacterium damselae. Tyrosine hydroxylase-immunopositive cells and melanin in the mesencephalon of Yugan black-bone fowl. Role of direct immunofluorescence microscopy in spectrum of diffuse proliferative glomerulonephritis: A single-center study.

Salvadora persica

Halitosis: a review of associated factors and therapeutic approach. Corresponding author. Halitosis or bad breath is an oral health condition characterized by unpleasant odors emanating consistently from the oral cavity. Causes include certain foods, poor oral health care, improper cleaning of dentures, dry mouth, tobacco products and medical conditions. Oral causes are related to deep carious lesions, periodontal disease, oral infections, peri-implant disease, pericoronitis, mucosal ulcerations, impacted food or debris and, mainly, tongue coating. Thus, the aim of the present review was to describe the etiological factors, prevalence data and the therapeutic mechanical and chemical approaches related to halitosis.

Metrics details. A specific clone of this bacterium JP2 has a base pair deletion in the leukotoxin promoter gene and significantly enhanced expression of leukotoxin. This specific clone of A. Chewing sticks of plant origin are commonly used as oral hygiene tool in Africa, but their role as a therapeutic agent in periodontal disease is poorly investigated. Ethanol extracts were made from 7 common plants used as chewing sticks in West-Africa. None of the tested extracts inhibited growth of A. However, extracts from Psidium guajava Guava completely neutralized the cell death and pro-inflammatory response of human leukocytes induced by the leukotoxin.

A review of the therapeutic effects of using miswak (Salvadora Persica) on oral health.

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Conventional wisdom holds that a decline in oral health accompanies the transition from hunting and gathering to agriculture, given increased consumption of carbohydrates. This widely touted example of the mismatch between our biology and modern lifestyle has been intuited largely from the bioarchaeological record of the Neolithic Revolution in the New World. Recent studies of other populations have, however, challenged the universality of this assertion. Here, we present the first comprehensive study of oral health among a living population in transition from the bush to village life, the Hadza hunter-gatherers of Tanzania, to test the hypothesis that the shift from foraging to farming, or agricultural intensification, inevitably leads to increased periodontal disease, caries, and orthodontic disorders. Our results showed that women living in villages consuming a mostly agricultural diet exhibited more caries and periodontal disease than those living in the bush consuming a mostly wild-food diet.

Either your web browser doesn't support Javascript or it is currently turned off. In the latter case, please turn on Javascript support in your web browser and reload this page. Miswak is a traditional chewing stick prepared from the roots, twigs, and stem of Salvadora persica and has been used as a natural method for tooth cleaning in many parts of the world for thousands of years. A number of scientific studies have demonstrated that the miswak Salvadora persica possesses antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-cariogenic, and anti-plaque properties.

Salvadora persica kharijal is a large, well-branched, and evergreen shrub or a tree resembling Salvadora oleoides meethijal found in the dry and arid regions of India. Chewing sticks have been used for centuries for tooth cleaning, and are recommended by the World Health Organization in areas where their use is customary.


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    The root bark of the tree is similar in colour to sand, and the inner surfaces are an even lighter shade of brown.

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    The chemical constituents present in different parts of the plant are also discussed. Keywords: Antibacterial, hypolipidemic, miswak, Salvadora persica. Go to.

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    Salvadora persica is a species of Salvadora. Used for centuries as a natural toothbrush, Scientific classification · edit Salvadora persica stick, known as miswak, is popular for teeth cleaning Download as PDF · Printable version.

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