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Metrics details. Nowadays, the design and construction of efficient internet of things IoTs has become a new strategies for improving living quality of all aspects. Emerging as one of the most significant extension of medical IoTs, wireless body area networks WBANs is capable of monitoring crucial physiological and behavioral information through wearable sensors, offering a new paradigm for the next-generation healthcare systems. As a matter of fact, due to the inherent open wireless communicating characteristics, data security and user privacy issues of WBANs have attracted attentions from both industry and academia. So far, lots of relevant researches emphasize on secure transmission and privacy protection.

Data Storage Mechanism Based on Blockchain with Privacy Protection in Wireless Body Area Network

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Data security and privacy in wireless body area networks Abstract: The wireless body area network has emerged as a new technology for e-healthcare that allows the data of a patient's vital body parameters and movements to be collected by small wearable or implantable sensors and communicated using short-range wireless communication techniques. WBAN has shown great potential in improving healthcare quality, and thus has found a wide range of applications from ubiquitous health monitoring and computer assisted rehabilitation to emergency medical response systems.

In this article we look into two important data security issues: secure and dependable distributed data storage, and fine-grained distributed data access control for sensitive and private patient medical data. We discuss various practical issues that need to be taken into account while fulfilling the security and privacy requirements. Relevant solutions in sensor networks and WBANs are surveyed, and their applicability is analyzed.

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Wireless body area networks WBANs are expected to play a vital role in the field of patient-health monitoring shortly. They provide a convenient way to collect patient data, but they also bring serious problems which are mainly reflected in the safe storage of the collected data. Therefore, this paper adopts blockchain technology to store data, which improves the security of the collected data. Moreover, a storage model based on blockchain in WBAN is proposed in our solution. However, blockchain storage brings new problems, for example, that the storage space of blockchain is small, and the stored content is open to unauthorized attackers. In addition, the new signature scheme can also compress the size of the blockchain storage space. Wireless body area network WBAN is an underlying technology that can monitor and record human health signals for a long time.

The workshop focuses on defining novel problems and developing novel techniques for data security and privacy issues in wireless and mobile networks. With the emergence of data-intensive wireless networks such as wireless sensor networks and data-centric mobile applications such as location-based services, the traditional boundaries between these three disciplines are blurring. This workshop solicits papers from two main categories: 1 papers that consider the security and privacy of data collection, transmission, storage, publishing, and sharing in wireless networks broadly defined, e. The workshop provides a venue for researchers to present new ideas with impact on three communities —wireless networks, databases, and security. Papers should report completed results and must not be previously published elsewhere or currently under review for any other publication. Vision papers and descriptions of work-in-progress are also welcome as short paper submissions 4 pages. Your submission must be in PDF format.

Body area network

The development of WBAN technology started around around the idea of using wireless personal area network WPAN technologies to implement communications on, near, and around the human body. About six years later, the term "BAN" came to refer to systems where communication is entirely within, on, and in the immediate proximity of a human body. Through gateway devices, it is possible to connect the wearable devices on the human body to the internet. This way, medical professionals can access patient data online using the internet independent of the patient location.

Combining tiny sensors and wireless communication technology, wireless body area network WBAN is one of the most promising fields. For each part, we discuss and identify the security goals to be achieved. Meanwhile, relevant security solutions in existing research on WBAN are presented and their applicability is analyzed.

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Practical pairing-Free sensor cooperation scheme for cloud-Assisted wireless body area networks

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    The WBAN mainly consists of tiny wireless sensor nodes that are placed in, on, or around a patient's body. These sensors con- sistently monitor the patient's vital.

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