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Patterns of wild carnivore attacks on humans in urban areas

Jerod A. Merkle, Hugh S. Robinson, Paul R. Understanding the relationship between foraging ecology and the presence of human-dominated landscapes is important, particularly for American black bears Ursus americanus , which sometimes move between wildlands and urban areas to forage. The food-related factors influencing this movement have not been explored, but can be important for understanding the benefits and costs to black bear foraging behavior and the fundamental origins of bear conflicts. We tested whether the scarcity of wildland foods or the availability of urban foods can explain when black bears forage near houses, examined the extent to which male bears use urban areas in comparison to females, and identified the most important food items influencing bear movement into urban areas.

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Analyzed the data: SBM. The rapid expansion of global urban development is increasing opportunities for wildlife to forage and become dependent on anthropogenic resources. Wildlife using urban areas are often perceived dichotomously as urban or not, with some individuals removed in the belief that dependency on anthropogenic resources is irreversible and can lead to increased human-wildlife conflict. For American black bears Ursus americanus , little is known about the degree of bear urbanization and its ecological mechanisms to guide the management of human-bear conflicts. Using 6 years of GPS location and activity data from bears in Aspen, Colorado, USA, we evaluated the degree of bear urbanization and the factors that best explained its variations. We estimated space use, activity patterns, survival, and reproduction and modeled their relationship with ecological covariates related to bear characteristics and natural food availability.

Patterns of wild carnivore attacks on humans in urban areas

Thank you for visiting nature. You are using a browser version with limited support for CSS. To obtain the best experience, we recommend you use a more up to date browser or turn off compatibility mode in Internet Explorer. In the meantime, to ensure continued support, we are displaying the site without styles and JavaScript. Attacks by wild carnivores on humans represent an increasing problem in urban areas across North America and their frequency is expected to rise following urban expansion towards carnivore habitats. Here, we analyzed records of carnivore attacks on humans in urban areas of the U.

Black bears alter movements in response to anthropogenic features with time of day and season

Metrics details. With the growth and expansion of human development, large mammals will increasingly encounter humans, elevating the likelihood of human-wildlife conflicts. Understanding the behavior and movement of large mammals, particularly around human development, is important for crafting effective conservation and management plans for these species. We used GPS collar data from American black bears Ursus americanus to determine how seasonal food resources and human development affected bear movement patterns and resource use across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We found that though bears moved more and avoided human development during crepuscular and daylight hours than at night, bears preferentially moved through human dominated areas at night.

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When animals are faced with extraordinary energy-consuming events, like hibernation, finding abundant, energy-rich food resources becomes particularly important. The profitability of food resources can vary spatially, depending on occurrence, quality, and local abundance.

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PDF | Human effects on bear habitat use are mediated through food biomass changes, bear tolerance of humans and their impacts, and Subadult males and adult females are more often impelled to forage your acceptance of JSTOR's Terms and Conditions of Use, available at and Asian black bears.


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    The probability of a bear being located near a house was times higher for males, and increased during apple season and the urban green-up. Fruit trees accounted for most of the forage items at urban feeding sites (49%), whereas wildland foods composed <10%.

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    The rapid expansion of global urban development is increasing opportunities for wildlife to forage and become dependent on anthropogenic resources.

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    PDF. Sections. Abstract; Introduction; Methods; Results; Discussion We found that bears foraged on both natural and anthropogenic food sources in the Random locations therefore provided a sample of available foraging sites, foraging on anthropogenic food sources near human developments back.

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    Request PDF | Socially learned foraging behaviour in wild black bears, Ursus In areas near human settlements, black bear cubs are tutored by their when annual food availability changes over a bear's long life span.

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