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Forced removals and migration: a theology of resistance and liberation in South Africa Selaelo T Kgatla.

Religion and Genocide: A Historiographical Survey

Although Rwanda is among the most Christian countries in Africa, in the genocide, church buildings became the primary killing grounds. To explain why so many Christians participated in the violence, this book looks at the history of Christian engagement in Rwanda and then turns to a rich body of original national- and local-level research to argue that Rwanda's churches have consistently allied themselves with the state and played ethnic politics. Comparing two local Presbyterian parishes in Kibuye before the genocide demonstrates that progressive forces were seeking to democratize the churches. Just as Hutu politicians used the genocide of Tutsi to assert political power and crush democratic reform, church leaders supported the genocide to secure their own power. The fact that Christianity inspired some Rwandans to oppose the genocide demonstrates that opposition by the churches was possible and might have hindered the violence. Sign up to our newsletter and receive discounts and inspiration for your next reading experience.

Christian gacaca and Official gacaca in Post-genocide Rwanda. In October , a think tank of the Rwandan state proposed the establishment of gacaca jurisdictions - popular courts charged with judging the people involved in the genocide against the Tutsi. Lesser known is the Christian gacaca, a conflict resolution mechanism, also inspired by the traditional gacaca, which was established during the same period by the Catholic Church of Rwanda as part of the synodal process leading to the celebration of the Year Jubilee. This essay describes, on the basis of archival documents and oral testimonies, the genesis of the Christian gacaca and examines how it related to the official gacaca. This pastoral initiative contributed to a relaxation of the tension between church and state that had marked the immediate aftermath of the genocide. The aim of the Christian gacaca was to bring about reconciliation in communities divided by the genocide, by bringing together victims and perpetrators.

Rwanda is a small country in central east Africa. Political moderates and some members of the Twa minority were also victimized. Acknowledgment of the importance of colonialism in helping to lay the path to genocide, however, must not be taken to mean that the genocide was inevitable, or that the earlier colonial powers were responsible for choices that were later made by the actual perpetrators in the s. For most of its history, Rwanda was organized into clans. By the 18th century, several kingdoms had emerged, and the most powerful one was ruled by the Tutsis. Expansion of this kingdom in the s emboldened the ruling Tutsis to force many of the Hutus to serve them. Colonization by the Germans in the late s, and then by the Belgians in the early s, only heightened the problem.

Christianity and Genocide in Rwanda - Ebook

The Historiography of Genocide pp Cite as. The first problem in discussing the historiography of religion and genocide is to define the parameters, a difficult task, because all of the categories involved are open to interpretation. According to the definitions used, one will either find that almost nothing has been written about religion and genocide or that the body of relevant material is endless. What is Religion? Or about religious impulses: belief, tradition, spiritualism, transcendence and ethical systems linked to some notion of divinity?

The Churches and the Genocide in Rwanda

The country collapsed into chaos, and violence escalated into the genocide of one million people among members of the Tutsi ethnic group and moderate components of the Hutu ethnic majority in the country. As a consequence, the Church has faced numerous criticisms from diverse fronts, and has been repeatedly blamed of culpability in the violence that occurred during those obscure months Longman, To what degree were Christian Churches involved in the genocide of ?

Paul J. This article begins with an account of significant events and socio-political relationships in the history of Rwanda, leading to mass murder and genocide in

Genocide in Rwanda and Burundi

One of the most shocking and puzzling aspects of the Rwanda genocide was how such an unchristian act could have been planned and executed in a country where close to 90 percent of the population is Christian. Digging deeper into this problem, a number of researchers started examining the role Christianity and Christian churches played before, during, and after this genocide. Until now, however, no serious research had managed to conclude that Christian churches as institutions played a profound and direct role in Rwandan genocide as boldly and directly as has Timothy Longman in his book. This conclusion makes this book interesting and challenging in many respects. Longman's conclusion is centered on the argument that since their inception, Christian churches taught Most users should sign in with their email address.

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Christianity and Genocide in Rwanda (eBook, PDF)

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